Mathematical studies of information processing : proceedings of the international conference, Kyoto, Japan, August 23-26, 1978


Mathematical studies of information processing : proceedings of the international conference, Kyoto, Japan, August 23-26, 1978

edited by E. K. Blum, M. Paul and S. Takasu

(Lecture notes in computer science, 75)

Springer-Verlag, 1979

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The field of child psychopathology and developmental disabilities is expanding rapidly. As a result, many researchers and most clinicians are having greater difficulty keeping up with these rapid advancements. Twenty years ago, psychologists, child psychiatrists, educational counselors, and other child professionals could consult a few journals to obtain current research developments. But this is no longer possible, because the proliferation of specialty journals (e.g., multiple journals on single childhood disorders - such as autism and ADHD) has enhanced the need for more - and more frequent - editions of books specifically designed to summarize the research. Assessment and treatment using evidence-based methods are the proposed topics of this two-volume set.


History, Overview, and Trends.- Diagnostic Classification Systems in Child Psychopathology.- Interviewing and Report Writing.- Intelligence Testing.- Measuring Achievement.- Measuring Psychopathology Using Questionnaires and Checklists.- Neuropsychological Physiological and Biochemical Assessment.- Behavioral Assessment.- Conduct Disorders.- ADHD.- Anxiety and Phobias.- Depression.- Bipolar Disorder.- Autism Spectrum Disorder.- Intellectual Disability I.Q. Mental Health.- Self-Help, Social Skills and Aggression in Intellectual Disabilities.- Self-Injury.- Learning Disabilities.- Anorexia and Bulimia.- Enuresis and Encopresis.- Pain Management.- Feeding Disorders.

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On the abstract specification and formal analysis of synchronization properties of concurrent systems.- On the formal specification and analysis of loosely connected processes.- Synchronized parallel computation and slowdown of translators.- Nondeterminism, parallelism and intermittent assertions.- A formal specification technique for abstract data types with parallelism.- Verifying parallel programs with resource allocation.- Equivalent key problem of the relational database model.- A file organization suitable for relational database operations.- Specified programming.- A calculus for proving properties of while-programs.- "E-correctness" of a set of "computation processes".- Program synthesis through Godel's interpretation.- The vienna development method (VDM).- On a uniform formal description of data structures.- Extending an implementation language to a specification language.- Some design principles and theory for OBJ-0, a language to express and execute algebraic specifications of programs.- The specification and proof of correctness of interactive programs.- On a theory of decision problems in programming languages.- A representative strong equivalence class for accessible flowchart schemes.- Recursive programs as functions in a first order theory.

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