Experiment, theory, practice : articles and addresses


Experiment, theory, practice : articles and addresses

P. L. Kapitza

(Boston studies in the philosophy of science, v. 46)

D. Reidel Pub. Co. , Sold and distributed in the U.S.A. and Canada by Kluwer Boston, c1980

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Translation based on the 2d ed. of author's Ėksperiment, teorii︠a︡, praktika, published in 1977

Bibliography: p. 419-424

Includes index



In tbis splendid collection of the articles and addresses of P. L. Kapitza, the author remarks on the insight of the 18th century Ukrainian philosopher Skovoroda who wrote: "We must be grateful to God that He created the world in such a way that everytbing simple is true, and everything compli- cated is untrue. " At another place, Kapitza meditates on the roles played by instinct, imagination, audacity, experiment, and hard work in the develop- ment of science, and for a moment seems to despair at understanding the dogged arguments of great scientists: "Einstein loved to refer to God when there was no more sensible argument!" With Academician Kapitza, there are reasoned arguments, plausible alter- natives, humor and humane discipline, energy and patience, a skill for the practical, and transcendent clarity about what is at issue in theoretical practice as in engineering necessities. Kapitza has been physicist, engineer, research manager, teacher, humanist, and tbis book demonstrates that he is a wise interpreter of historical, philosophical, and social realities. He is also, in C. P. Snow's words, strong, brave, and good (Variety of Men, N. Y. 1966, p. 19). In this preface, we shall point to themes from Kapitza's interpretations of science and life. On scientific work. Good work is never done with someone else's hands. The separation of theory from experience, from experimental work, and from practice, above all harms theory itself.


One.- 1. The Production of and Experiments in Strong Magnetic Fields.- 2. A New Method for the Liquefaction of Helium.- 3. Problems of Liquid Helium.- 4. Oxygen.- 5. On the Nature of Ball Lightning.- 6. High-power Electronics.- 7. On Some Stages of Research in the Field of Magnetism.- 8. Energy and Physics.- 9. Plasma and the Controlled Thermonuclear Reaction.- Two.- 10. The Construction and Early Work of the Institute for Physical Problems.- 11. The Organization of Research at the Institute for Physical Problems.- Three.- 12. The Unity of Science and Technology.- 13. Planning in Science.- 14. On Leadership in Science.- 15. Complex Scientific Problems.- 16. Experiment, Theory, Practice.- 17. Effectiveness of Scientific Work.- 18. Applying the Achievements of Science and Engineering.- 19. The Centenary of the Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics, and the Role of Journals in the Development of Science.- 20. Basic Factors in the Organization of Science, and How They are Handled in the U.S.S.R..- Four.- 21. Physical Experimentation at School.- 22. Problems in Physics.- 23. Some Principles of the Creative Upbringing and Education of Today's Youth.- 24. Professor and Student.- 25. Remarks on the Anniversary of the Physico-Technical Institute.- 26. For the Good of the People.- Five.- 27. In Memory of Ernest Rutherford.- 28. The Scientific Work of Ernest Rutherford.- 29. History of a Rutherford Portrait, 1933-1934.- 30. Recollections of Lord Rutherford.- 31. The Role of an Oustanding Scientist in the Development of Science.- Six.- 32. Lomonosov and World Science.- 33. The Scientific Activity of Benjamin Franklin.- 34. The Physicist and Public Figure, Paul Langevin.- 35. In Memory of Ivan Petrovich Pavlov.- 36. Alexandr Alexandrovich Friedmann.- 37. Lev Davydovich Landau.- Seven.- 38. How is Atomic War to be Prevented?.- Avoid the Use of Nuclear Weapons! (Bertrand Russell).- The Task of all Progressive Humanity (P. Kapitza).- 39. Philosophy and Ideological Struggle.- 40. The Future of Science.- 41. Global Scientific Problems of the Immediate Future.- 42. Global Problems and Energy.- 43. Scientific and Social Approaches for the Solution of Global Problems.- 44. The Impact of Modern Scientific Ideas on Society.- P. L. Kapitza - Bibliography.- Index of Names.

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