Organic synthesis with palladium compounds


Organic synthesis with palladium compounds

Jiro Tsuji

(Reactivity and structure : concepts in organic chemistry, v. 10)

Springer-Verlag, 1980

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This book represents the compilation of papers presented at the IFIP Working Group 8. 2 conference entitled "Information Technology in the Service Economy: Challenges st and Possibilities for the 21 Century. " The conference took place at Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, on August 10 13, 2008. Par ticipation in the conference spanned the continents from Asia to Europe with paper submissions global in focus as well. Conference submissions included complete d research papers and research in progress reports. Papers submitted to the conference went through a double blind review process in which the program co chairs, an associate editor, and reviewers provided assessments and recommendations. The editor ial efforts of the associate editors and reviewers in this process were outstanding. To foster high quality research publications in this field of study, authors of accepted pape rs were then invited to revise and resubmit their work. Through this rigorous review and revision process, 12 completed research papers and 11 research in progress reports were accepted for presentation and publica tion. Paper workshop sessions were also esta blished to provide authors of emergent work an opportunity to receive feedback fromthe IF IP 8. 2 community. Abstracts of these new projects are included in this volume. Four panels were presented at the conference to provide discussion forums for the varied aspect s of IT, service, and globalization. Panel abstracts are also included here.


Conceptualizing and Theorizing about IT-Enabled Services.- Exploring the Diversity of Service Worlds in the Service Economy.- ICTs and Global Working in a Non-Flat World.- Exploring the Influence of Socio-Emotional Factors on Knowledge Management Practices: A Case Study.- Compliance-as-a-Service in Information Technology Manufacturing Organizations: An Exploratory Case Study.- Service System Innovation.- Rhizomatic Informatics: The Case of Ivy University.- The Influence of Subgroup Dynamics on Knowledge Coordination in Distributed Software Development Teams: A Transactive Memory System and Group Faultline Perspective.- The Service Behind the Service: Sensegiving in the Service Economy.- IT-Enabled Services in Industry Settings.- Possibilities and Challenges of Transition to Ambulant Health Service Delivery with ICT Support in Psychiatry.- Transforming Work Practices in a Complex Environment.- Virtuality and Non-Virtuality in Remote Stock Trading.- Bazaar by Design: Managing Interfirm Exchanges in an Open Source Service Network.- Emerging Technologies in the Service Sector: An Early Exploration of Item-Level RFID on the Fashion Sales Floor.- The Computerization of Service: Evidence of Information and Communication Technologies in Real Estate.- IT-Enabled Change in Public Sector Services.- E-Government and Changes in the Public Sector: The Case of Greece.- Bandwithing Together: Municipalities as Service Providers in a Policy Environment.- Analyzing Public Open Source Policy: The Case Study of Venezuela.- Co-Orienting the Object: An Activity-Theoretical Analysis of the UK's National Program for Information Technology.- A Multivocal and Multilevel Institutionalist Perspective to Analyze Information Technology-Enabled Change in the Public Service in Africa.- Outsourcing and Globalization of IT Services.- Legitimacy Management and Trust in Offshoring Information Technology Services.- Information Technology Outsourcing in the Service Economy: Client Maturity and Knowledge/Power Asymmetries.- How Information Systems Providers Develop and Manage Expertise and Leverage Their Client Relationships for Competitive Advantage.- Mind the Gap! Understanding Knowledge in Global Software Teams.- Complicating Utopian and Dystopian Views of Automation: An Investigation of the Work and Knowledge Involved in the Call Center Offshoring Industry in India.- Panels.- Turning Products into Services and Services into Products: Contradictory Implications of Information Technology in the Service Economy.- Information Systems and the Service Economy: A Multidimensional Perspective.- The Servicitization of Peer Production: Reflections on the Open Source Software Experience.- eHealth: Redefining Health Care in the Light of Technology.- Workshop Paper Contributions.- The Information Services View.- An Epistemology of Organizational Emergence: The Tripartite Domains of Organizational Discourse and the Servitization of IBM.- Organizational Learning in Health Care: Situating Free and Open Source Software.- Understanding the Exchange Intention of an Individual Blogger.- Toward Understanding the Capability Cycle of Software Process Improvement: A Case Study of a Software Service Company.- A Case Study Approach to Examining Service Information Requirements.

: gw ISBN 9783540097679


Around 30 years ago the transition metal chemistry received great impulses. In the focus have been reactions of nickel and cobalt and herein especially their carbonyls. Also industrial processes have been developed. When the technical oxidation of ethylene with palladium chloride had been discovered, and a great number oflaboratory reactions, many groups have turned towards this subject. Apart from two important industrial processes - acetaldehyde and vinylacetate from ethylene - a great number of conversions and catalytic reactions with palladium compounds have been researched. Their mechanisms have been cleared up and have con- tributed to a better understanding of the complex chemistry of palladium. Last but not least these reactions have also served for more understanding of organic transition metal compounds and catalyses in general. Numerous conventional reactions appear today in a different light. The effects of co-


I. Introduction.- II. Palladium Compounds and Complexes Useful in Organic Synthesis.- III. Oxidation Reactions with Pd2+ Compounds.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Reactions of Olefins.- a. Introduction.- b. Reactions of Water (Wacker Reaction).- c. Reactions of Alcohols, Phenols and Other Hydroxy Compounds.- d. Reactions of Carboxylic Acids.- e. Oxidative Carbonylation Reactions.- f. Reactions of Aromatic Compounds.- g. Reactions of Carbanions.- h. Reactions of Amines.- i. Reactions of Hydrogen Cyanide and Chloride.- j. Oxidative Coupling Reactions.- k. Reactions of Alkynes.- 3. Synthetic Reactions with ?-Allyl Complexes.- a. Introduction.- b. Methods of Preparing ?-Allylpalladium Complexes.- c. Reactions of Carbon Monoxide and Isocyanides.- d. Reactions of Active Methylene Compounds.- e. Reactions of Other Nucleophiles.- 4. Reactions of Aromatic Compounds.- 5. Synthetic Reactions by Transmetallation of Organomercury Compounds and Related Reactions.- 6. Synthetic Reactions Based on Chelation of Heteroatoms.- a. Ortho-Palladation of Aromatic Compounds.- b. Reactions of Allylic and Homoallylic Amines and Sulfides.- 7. Dehydrogenation Reactions.- 8. Reactions of Alkynes.- 9. Reactions of Alcohols and Carbon Monoxide.- 10. Miscellaneous Reactions.- IV. Catalytic Reactions.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Reactions of Olefins.- a. Carbonylation Reactions.- b. Addition Reactions (Oligomerization and Co-Oligomerization).- c. Hydrosilylation Reactions.- d. Miscellaneous Reactions.- 3. Reactions of Conjugated Dienes.- a. Introduction.- b. Oligomerization.- c. Telomerization with Water, Alcohols and Phenols.- d. Telomerization with Carboxylic Acids.- e. Telomerization with Ammonia and Amines.- f. Telomerization with Enamines.- g. Telomerization with Active Methylene and Methyne Compounds.- h. Reactions of Silicon Compounds.- i. Carbonylation Reactions.- j. Reactions of Phenylhydrazones and Oximes.- k. Cocyclization Reactions.- 1. Reactions of Carbon Dioxide.- m. Application of Butadiene Telomers to Natural Product Syntheses.- n. Dimerization and Telomerization of Isoprene and Other Dienes.- 4. Reactions of Allene.- 5. Reactions of Allyl Ethers, Esters, and Alcohols.- 6. Reactions of Alkenyl Ethers and Esters.- 7. Reactions of Organic Halides.- a. Allylic Halides.- b. Aryl Halides.- c. Alkenyl Halides.- d. Acyl Halides.- e. Reactions of ?-Halo Ketones and Benzyl Halides.- 8. Decarbonylation of Aldehydes.- 9. Reaction of Alkynes.- a. Carbonylation Reactions.- b. Addition and Cyclization Reactions.- c. Reactions with Silicon Compounds.- d. Miscellaneous Reaction.- 10. Reactions of Silicon Compounds.- 11. Reactions of Amines.- 12. Reactions of Isocyanides.- 13. Palladium Catalyzed Decomposition of Azo Compounds, Azides and Peroxides.- 14. Rearrangement Reactions Promoted by PdC12.- 15. Miscellaneous Reactions of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide.- 16. Reductions.- 17. Miscellaneous Reactions.- References.

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