Modelling and performance evaluation methodology : proceedings of the International Seminar, Paris, France, January 24-26, 1983


Modelling and performance evaluation methodology : proceedings of the International Seminar, Paris, France, January 24-26, 1983

edited by F. Baccelli and G. Fayolle

(Lecture notes in control and information sciences, 60)

Springer-Verlag, 1984

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An asymptotic analysis of blocking.- A converse to the output theorem of queueing theory: A martingale approach.- Construction de files d'attente stationnaires.- Comparison theorems for queues with dependent inter-arrival times.- Stack algorithms for collision-detecting channels and their analysis: A limited survey.- Priority queueing systems with applications to packet-radio networks.- History dependent access schemes in a two-node packet-radio network.- Decomposable stochastic networks: Some observations.- Networks of queues.- Some diffusion approximations with state space collapse.- Boundary conditions for diffusion approximations to queueing problems.- Weak convergence of a sequence of queueing and storage processes to a singular diffusion.- Ergodicity and steady state existence. Continuity of stationary distributions of queueing characteristics.- Ergodicity aspects of multidimensional Markov chains with application to computer communication system analysis.- Ergodic conditions for a class of state dependent queueing systems.- A bottleneck-driven scheduler.- Results for dual resource queues.- Exact analysis of a priority queue with finite source.- Performance evaluation of a data base management system.- The output process of the single server queue with periodic arrival process and deterministic service time / Description du flux de sortie d'un multiplexeur de canaux deterministes identiques.- Performance modelling for multiprocessor-systems, fundamental concepts and tendencies.- Modelisation d'un reseau a commutation de paquets et de son controle de flux de bout en bout.- The normal approximation and queue control for response times in a processor-shared computer system model.- Time dependent analysis of a queueing model by formulating a boundary value problem.- Workload analysis of a two-queue system by formulating a boundary value problem.- The spatial requirement of an M/G/1 queue, or: How to design for buffer space.- Analysis of protocols of multiple access.- Performance analysis of a link level protocol for packet switching networks combining two different retransmission strategies.- An approximate analysis on controlled tandem queues.- Two identical communication channels in series with a finite intermediate buffer and overflow.- The cycle time distribution of cyclic two-stage queues with a non-exponential server.

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