Base metal sulfide deposits in sedimentary and volcanic environments


Base metal sulfide deposits in sedimentary and volcanic environments

edited by Günther H. Friedrich and Peter M. Herzig

(Special publication ... of the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits, no. 5)

Springer-Verlag, c1988

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Proceedings of the DMG-GDMB-SGA-Meeting, Aachen, 1985



The geology and metallogeny of "base metal sulfide deposits" in Europe, Africa and Australia was the topic of the DMG-GDMB-SAG Joint Meeting held in Aachen (FRG), September 16-19, 1985. Divided into two parts, the presented papers cover the description and interpretation of sediment-hosted as well as volcanic-sediment-hosted and volcanic-hosted copper-zinc-lead (gold-silver) deposits. The present compilation is an overview of current research activities and results on copper-zinc-lead deposits in classical mining districts considering geological, lithological, geochemical and tectonic parameters of ore formation. Even in periods of depressed metal prices, "base metal sulfide deposits" still remain one of the most attractive mineral exploration targets. This extensive review provides valuable information to researchers and explorationists.


I Sediment-Hosted Base Metal Sulfide Deposits.- The Evaluation of Sedimentary Basins for Massive Sulfide Mineralization.- Relation of Permian Base Metal Occurrences to the Variscan Paleogeothermal Field of the Fore-Sudetic Monocline (Southwestern Poland).- Geologic Setting and Genesis of Kupferschiefer Mineralization in West Germany.- Base Metal Mineralization and Maturation of Organic Material in the Kupferschiefer of the Lower Rhine Basin.- The Origin of the Kipushi (Cu, Zn, Pb) Deposit in Direct Relation with a Proterozoic Salt Diapir. Copperbelt of Central Africa, Shaba, Republic of Zaire.- Sulfide Mineralization of Paleozoic Rocks in the Northern Eifel, F.R.G..- The Significance of Diagenesis in Emplacement of Strata-Bound Zn-Pb Mineralization in Carbonate Sediments.- Genetical Significance of Saline Relics in Carbonate Host Rocks of Alpine Pb-Zn Deposits.- Ore Mineralogy of the Tatestown Prospect, Ireland.- II Volcanic- and Volcanic-Sediment-Hosted Base Metal Sulfide Deposits.- Geochemistry and Genesis of Sulfide Ore Deposits in the Volcano-Sedimentary Sequences of the Western Grauwackenzone (Eastern Alps, Austria).- Base Metal Mineralization in the Evros Region.- A Mineralogical, Geochemical and Thermal Profile Through the Agrokipia "B" Hydrothermal Sulfide Deposit, Troodos Ophiolite Complex, Cyprus.- Kuroko-Type Ore Deposits on the Aegean Islands, Greece.- New Metallogenetic Aspects Concerning the Copper Deposit of Murgul, NE Turkey.- Geochemical Features of Magmatic Evolution and Ore Deposition in the Pyrite Belt of Southern Spain.- Tourmalinites Associated with Australian Proterozoic Submarine Exhalative Ores.

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