Strengthening urban management : international perspectives and issues


Strengthening urban management : international perspectives and issues

edited by Thomas L. Blair

(Urban innovation abroad)

Plenum Press, c1985

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"Published in cooperation with the International Union of Local Authorities, The Hague, Netherlands."

Bibliography: p. 299-348

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Managing cities and providing housing, essential infra- structure and public services in an era of great pressures on municipal resources are challenging domestic issues in all parts of the world. Increasingly, city administrators and local government authorities in developing countries and western industrial nations are seeking to share experiences and exchange information in a search for solutions. This highly informative volume attempts to meet this critical need and to aid development cooperation among municipalities. Strengthening Urban Management presents the practical problems and approaches to the provision of housing, trans- portation, and the mobilization of the requisite finance and manpower for local government in contrasting urban situ- ations. It draws upon selected papers contributed to inter- national meetings and world congresses sponsored by the International Union of Local Authorities, The Hague, Netherlands. Subject areas are illustrated in city examples given by mayors, administrators and planners from Lusaka, Harare, Nairobi, Osaka. Jakarta. Bandung. Vienna, Stockholm, Caracas, and Rio de Janeiro. Theme introductions and contributions from leading international and national agencies highlight Hie important role and grave difficulties facing local government in urban management and planning.


Need and Reality.- Some Trends in Housing Improvement in Sweden and Third World Cities.- Some Views on Housing and Local Government from Africa South.- 1. Zambia: Challenges to Local Authorities in Africa in Relation to Housing.- 2. Zimbabwe: One Local Authority's Response to the Challenge of Decent Shelter.- Kampung Improvement and Urban Development Programs in Bandung.- Integral Plans: An Experience with Public Participation and Housing in Venezuela.- Jakarta's Traffic and Transportation: Report from DKI - Dairah Khugus Ibuka.- Local Revenue in Austria.- Revenue of the City of Osaka: Its Structures and Problems.- Education and Training.- Training of Local Government Personnel in Africa The Secretariat, United Nations Economic.- Training and Education for Urban Management.- Some Training Misconceptions in Third World Countries.- Local Government Training Needs in Latin America.- Education for Habitat.- Managing Cities in a Human Settlements Perspective.- Developing Settlements for People.- Large Cities and Human Settlements Administration.- Current Issues and an Abstracted Bibliography.- Current Issues in Housing, Revenues, and Training of Local Government Officials.- Bibliography on Urban Management and Planning.- Contributors.

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