High-power lasers and applications : proceedings of the Fourth Colloquium on Electronic Transition Lasers in Munich, June 20-22, 1977


High-power lasers and applications : proceedings of the Fourth Colloquium on Electronic Transition Lasers in Munich, June 20-22, 1977

editors, K.L. Kompa and H. Walther

(Springer series in optical sciences, v. 9)

Springer, 1978

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The High-Power Lasers and Applications Conference was held in Munich, June 20 - 22, 1977. The conference took place simultaneously with the "Laser 77, International Congress and Trade Fair" at the Munich Fair Ground. The meeting was a continuation of a series of colloquia on elec- tronic transition lasers previously held in the United States. The main topics of the conference were: high-power VUV, UV, visible and IR la- sers, including an analysis of laser systems, technology and laser con- cepts. Also, some applications to nonlinear optics, chemical kinetics and spectroscopy, particularly with respect to isotope separation, were discussed. The conference was attended by 95 scientists representing Austria, Canada, England, Finland, Germany (FRG), Germany (GDR), France, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, and the U.S.A. The organizers acknowledge financial support from the Deutsche Forschungs- gemeinschaft, the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research, the U.S. Air Force European Office of Aerospace Research and Development (EOARD) and the U.S. Army European Research Office, as well as from the companies Coherent Radiation, Spectra Physics and Cryophysics. Furthermore, we thank our colleagues Dr. Steven N. Suchard and Professor Jeffrey I. Steinfeld for coordinating the U.S. contribution to the conference. We are grateful to Frau Maischberger for administrative assistance.


I Excimer Lasers.- Excimer Lasers.- Coherent Radiation Generation at Short Wavelengths (VUV and XUV Rulses).- Dominant Formation and Quenching Processes in E-Beam Pumped ArF* and KrF* Lasers.- Electron Beam Controlled, Neon Stabilized XeF Laser.- New Visible Laser Transitions in the Mercury Halides.- High Repetition Rate XeF Laser with Gas Recycling.- Simple VUV High Pressure Gas Laser with Coaxial Electron Beam Pumping..- Long Pulse Electron Beam Excited XeF Laser.- II Chemical Lasers.- Electronic Transition Lasers.- Activation and Deactivation Rates in High-Power Lasers.- CW Laser Emission at 3.8?m and 10.6?m Based Upon the Chemical Generation of Chlorine Atoms.- Gas Phase Reactions of Tin and Germanium Atoms.- The Possibility of Laser Pumping via Energy Transfer from or Reactive Collisions with I(2P1/2).- III Other Laser Systems.- Ultraviolet Ion Lasers.- CW Optically Pumped Molecular Iodine Laser.- Ultraviolet Laser Transitions in I2 and Br2.- Gas Phase and Other New Dye Laser Developments.- Injection-Locked, Unstable Resonator Dye Laser.- Short Wavelength Multiline Performance of CW Ion Lasers.- High Power Iodine Atom Laser.- ASTERIX III, A Terawatt Iodine Laser.- A Simple High Energy TEA CO Laser.- Band Width of an Oscillating CO2 Laser Transition.- Penning Ionization in Doped CO2 TEA Lasers.- IV Frequency Conversion.- Nonlinear Processes in the Infrared and Ultraviolet.- Raman Emission at 285 nm from Sn Vapor.- Down Conversion of 351 nm Radiation for Fusion Lasers.- V Applications.- Final State Energy Distributions for Exoergic Reactions.- Reactions of Atoms with Vibrationally Excited Molecules.- Carbon Isotope Separation by Multiphoton Dissociation of CF3I.- Infrared Laser Dissociation of Tetramethyldioxetane.- Observation of Tunable-Laser-Induced Grating Dip.- Study of the Visible Fluorescence of Gaseous UF6.- List of Participants.

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