Foundations of computer aided process operations : proceedings of the First International Conference on Foundations of Computer Aided Process Operations, Park City, Utah, July 5-10, 1987


Foundations of computer aided process operations : proceedings of the First International Conference on Foundations of Computer Aided Process Operations, Park City, Utah, July 5-10, 1987

editors, G.V. Reklaitis, H.D. Spriggs

Elsevier , Distributors for the U.S. and Canada, Elsevier Science Publishers, 1987


Computer aided process operations

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"A CACHE publication."

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The objectives of the conference were: to define and discuss the problems of plant operations; report on the development and application of computing and computation tools and techniques for solving these problems; and bring together leading academic and industrial representatives to promote increased future interaction and cooperation in defining and solving operations problems. The participants came from 15 different countries; approximately 40% were from academic institutions, 40% from operating companies and 20% from engineering, software and other companies serving the process industries. This diversity of backgrounds and opinions served to make the conference vital and informative and is reflected in this proceedings volume.


Keynote Address. Process industry automation - the challenge of change (R.P. Schlenker). Discussion summary (H.D. Spriggs). Process Data Acquisition and Interfaces. Session overview (J.C. Hale). Plant scale process monitoring and control systems (L.E. De Heer). Data screening (R.S.H. Mah). Discussion summary (J.C. Hale, P. Kennedy). Operations Planning. Session overview (D.W.T. Rippin). Application of operations research methodology to process operations (C.H. White). Sequencing and scheduling of plant operations (E. O'Shima). Discussion summary (D.W.T. Rippin, J.A. Buzacott). Process Safety. Session overview (G.V. Reklaitis). The process systems' contribution to process safety (H.A. Duxbury, M.L. Preston). Probabilisitic risk assessment for process operations (G.J. Powers). Discussion summary (G.J. Powers, M.L. Preston). Maintenance Planning. Session overview (F.A. Perris). A systems engineering approach to reliability, availability, and maintenance (C.F.H. Van Rijn). Back to basics: redefining the mission planning in an automated world (R.L. Wilson, Jr.). Discussion summary (F.A. Perris, F.R. Pierce). Process Simulation. Session overview (R.A. Baxley, Jr.). Modelling and simulation in process operation (J.D. Perkins, G.W. Barton). A block structured approach to dynamic process simulation (T. Shinohara). Equation based process simulation (G.B. Gochenour, R.F. Preston). Discussion summary (R.A. Baxley, Jr., E.M. Rosen). Process Optimization. Session overview (I.E. Grossmann). Mathematical programming and the planning, scheduling, and control of process operations (D.S. Hirshfeld). Retrofit design of processes (I.E. Grossmann et al.). Discussion summary (I.E. Grossmann et al.). Plant Networks and Databases. Session overview (N.E. Rawson). Application of OSI protocols for plant information networks (R.J. Linn, Jr.). Databases in a distributed plant environment (W. Plouffe). Discussion summary (N.E. Rawson, D.G. Fisher). Intelligent Systems for Process Operations. Session overview (G. Stephanopoulos). The scope of artificial intelligence in plant-wide operations (G. Stephanopoulos). Expert systems for process fault diagnosis: a general framework (M.A. Kramer). Experience in the development of an expert system for fault diagnosis in a commercial scale chemical process (P.S. Dhurjati et al.). Discussion summary (G. Stephanopoulos, B. Matthews). Contributed Papers. Session overview (J.M. Douglas). Heat exchanger network design by simulated annealing (W.B. Dolan et al.). Design of multiperiod distillation sequences (G.E. Paules IV, C.A. Floudas). Optimization model for structural modifications in the retrofit of heat exchanger networks (T.F. Yee, I.E.Grossmann). Adapting process models for optimization (C.E. Bodington). On-line simulation and optimization as an aid to plant operation - the easy way (S. Macchietto et al.). Scheduling in serial mixed-storage multiproduct processes with transfer and set-up times (D. Rajagopalan, I. Karimi).

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