Mental disorders and somatic illness


Mental disorders and somatic illness

edited by M.H. Lader

(Handbook of psychiatry, v. 2)

Cambridge University Press, 1983

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This 1986 volume of the Handbook of Psychiatry covers that area of psychiatry contiguous with general medicine, and in particular neurology. It raises general issues especially with respect to fundamental problems of the mind-body relationship, and deals with medical disorders related to psychiatry. The topics discussed include ischaemic heart disease, peptic ulcers, bronchial asthma, renal failure, endocrine disorders and ageing as well as neuropsychiatry. There is also an account of selected aspects of severe subnormality, concentrating on the practical management of the severely handicapped child and adult. Throughout this volume the contributors provide a clinically relevant account of their topics. The volume will continue to hold value as a comprehensive survey of the medical history of mental disorders associated with somatic illness.


  • List of contributors
  • Foreword
  • Introduction M. H. Lader
  • Part I. General Medical Disorders: 1. Mind and body Kenneth Granville-Grossman
  • 2. General medical disorders H. G. Morgan
  • 3. Endocrine disorders J. L. Gibbons
  • 4. Nutritional abnormalities J. L. Crammer
  • 5. Reproduction and psychiatric disorders in women R. Kumar
  • Part II. Neurological Disorders: 6. Disorders of sleep Ian Oswald
  • 7. Pain, as illustrated by the problems of headache and facial pain C. D. Marsden
  • 8. The senium Anthony D. Isaacs
  • 9. Head injury, and changes in brain function secondary to electroconvulsive therapy and psychosurgery Michael R. Bond
  • 10. The neuropsychiatry of some specific brain disorders Marshal F. Folstein and Paul R. McHugh
  • 11. Acute organic reactions J. Cutting
  • 12. The senile and pre-senile dementias Barry J. Gurland and D. Peter Birkett
  • 13. Epilepsy George W. Fenton
  • Part III. Drug-Induced Disorders: 14. Mental disorders due to alcoholism Maurice Victor
  • 15. Drug dependence and intoxication A. Hamid Ghodse
  • Part IV. Severe Subnormality: 16. Severe subnormality Derek Ricks
  • References
  • Cross-references to other volumes in the series
  • Author index
  • Subject index.

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