Coding theory and applications : 3rd international colloquium, Toulon, France, November 2-4, 1988 : proceedings


Coding theory and applications : 3rd international colloquium, Toulon, France, November 2-4, 1988 : proceedings

G. Cohen, J. Wolfmann, (eds.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 388)

Springer-Verlag, c1989

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Proceedings of the colloquium "Trois journées sur le codage"

Includes bibliobraphy



Codes and character sums.- Codes from some Artin-Schreier curves.- Families of codes exceeding the Varshamov-Gilbert bound.- Polynomial factorization using Brill-Noether algorithm.- New bounds on cyclic codes from algebraic curves.- Exponential sums and the Carlitz-Uchiyama bound.- Bounds on the use of the postal channel.- A new authentication algorithm.- A method for finding codewords of small weight.- Generating codewords in real space: Application to decoding.- Weighted decoding of linear block codes by solving a system of implicit equations.- Suboptimum weighted-output symbol-by-symbol decoding of block codes.- Results of generalized minimum distance decoding for block code of rate 1/2.- An overview of recent results in the theory of burst-correcting codes.- Note for computing the minimun polynomial of elements in large finite fields.- A quaternary cyclic code, and a family of quadriphase sequences with low correlation properties.- A simple description of Kerdock codes.- Relation between the minimum weight of a linear code over GF(qm) and its q-ary image over GF(q).- Covering in hypercubes.- More on the plane of order 10.- Linear recurrence relations and an extended subresultant algorithm.- The future pan European mobile radiotelephone system a short overview.- Experimental direct-sequence spread-spectrum digital mobile radio transmission.- Concatenated coding schemes for H.F. (High Frequency) channels.- Bandwidth efficient coding on channels disturbed by jamming and impulse noise.- Error correcting coding scheme against partial time jammers.- Evaluation of a coding design for a very noisy channel / Evaluation d'une Configuration de Codage Pour une Ligne tres Bruitee.- Design and implementation of an asynchronous transmission process by code division multiple access.- Is minimal distance a good criterion?.- Open problem 1: Covering radius of the circuit code.- Open problem 2: Cyclic codes over rings and p-adic fields.

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