Understanding blindness : an integrative approach


Understanding blindness : an integrative approach

Mark Hollins

L. Erlbaum Associates, 1989

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Bibliography: p. 171-184

Includes indexes



In this single volume, information on blindness derived from many research areas is explained and critically evaluated. Among the subjects covered are: causes of blindness; blindness and the brain; effects of blindness on perception and cognition; attitudes toward blindness; the rehabilitation process; and blindness in infancy and childhood. For those directly involved or interested in the subject of blindness, Professor Hollins gathers all the basic information on blindness into a single source. Uniting research and data produced in different disciplines, <b>Understanding Blindness</b> advocates empiricism and experimental science and describes the methodologies as well as the experiments. <b>Understanding Blindness</b> is written for readers with no prior experience or technical background in the study of blindness, defining terms and explaining technical concepts as they are introduced.

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