Clinical dermatopathology : a text and colour atlas


Clinical dermatopathology : a text and colour atlas

Alan Stevens, Paul R. Wheater, James S. Lowe

Churchill Livingstone, 1989

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This book is concerned with the histopathology of the commonly occurring and important skin diseases. The object of the book is to provide an illustrated guide to diagnostic dermapathology, linking the histopathological changes to the clinical appearances of lesions and where relevant to enunciate the basic histopathological principles which underlie the skin changes. It is aimed at trainee and consultant histopathologists who are inexperienced in dermatopathology and wish to gain a basic understanding of a diagnositc approach to skin problems, in the context of clinical dermatology. It is also intended to provide dermatologists of all grades with an introduction to dermatopathology and to provide general practitioners and medical students with an illustrated day-to-day dermatology.


  • Tissue diagnosis in dermatology
  • the skin biopsy-methods and laboratory handling
  • histology of normal skin
  • illustrated glossary of terms
  • dermatitis
  • psoriasis and psoriasiform reactions
  • lichen planus, lichen nitious and lichenoid eruptions
  • blistering and pustular disorders
  • LE and connective tissue disorders
  • infections in skin
  • granulomatous diseases in skin
  • vasculitic skin disorders
  • mast cell disorders - urticaria and mastocytoses
  • skin eruptions due to ingested drugs
  • disorders of dermal fibres and ground substance
  • basal cell carcinoma and variants
  • benign squamous keratoses
  • solar keratosis, IEC and squamous carcinoma
  • melanocytic naevi and malignant melanoma
  • epithelial skin appendage tumours and hamartomas
  • vascular malformations and tumours
  • lymphoma and pre-lymphoma in the skin
  • fibrous and fibrohistiocytic tumours and proliferations, miscellaneous tumours.

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