Materials science of concrete



Materials science of concrete

edited by Jan P. Skalny

American Ceramic Society, c1989-

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Vols. 2, 4-6: edited by Jan Skalny and Sidney Mindess; v. 7: edited by Francis Young, Jan Skalny

Includes bibliographical references and index



v. 6 ISBN 9781574980691


This volume contains papers on phase composition and quantitative x-ray powder diffraction analysis of Portland cement and clinker; neutron diffraction and neutron scattering studies of cement; scanning probe microscopy: a new view of the mineral surface; the stereological and statistical properties of entrained air voids in concrete: a mathematical basis for air void system characterization; fresh concrete rheology: recent developments; early age behavior of cement-based materials; transport mechanisms and damage: current issues in permeation characteristics of concrete; the use of silica fume to control expansion due to alkali-aggregate reactivity in concrete: a review; delayed ettringite formation in concrete: recent developments and future directions; use of durability indexes to achieve durable cover concrete in reinforced concrete structures; and microfiller partial substitution for cement.


Phase Composition and Quantitative X-Ray Powder Diffraction Analysis of Portland Cement and Clinker (Quirina I. Roode-Gutzmer and Yunus Ballim). Neutron Diffraction and Neutron Scattering Studies of Cement (R. Berliner). Scanning Probe Microscopy: A New View of the Mineral Surface (Christopher Hall and Dirk Bosbach). The Stereological and Statistical Properties of Entrained Air Voids in Concrete: A Mathematical Basis for Air Void System Characterization (Kenneth Snyder, Kumar Natesaiyer, and Kenneth Hover). Fresh Concrete Rheology: Recent Developments (B. Bissonnette, J. Marchand, J.P. Charron, A. Delagrave, and L. Barcelo). Early Age Behavior of Cement-Based Materials (B. Bissonnette, J. Marchand, J.P. Charron, A. Delagrave, and L. Barcelo). Transport Mechanisms and Damage: Current Issues in Permeation Characteristics of Concrete (Natalyia Hearn and John Figg). The Use of Silica Fume to Control Expansion due to Alkali-Aggregate Reactivity in Concrete: A Review (M.D.A. Thomas and R.F. Bleszynski). Delayed Ettringite Formation in Concrete: Recent Developments and Future Decisions (Michael Thomas). Use of Durability Indexes to Acheive Durable Cover Concrete in Reinforced Concrete Structures (M.G. Alexander, J.R. Mackenchnie, and Y. Ballim). Microfiller Partial Substitution for Cement (Moncef Nehdi and Sidney Mindess).

v. 7 ISBN 9781574982107


This seventh volume of the Materials Science of Concrete series presents carefully selected state-of-the-art reviews on selected topics relevant to concrete and cement. This collection of new developments and information in the field of cement-based materials is a valuable resource for scientists, engineers, and academics interested in concrete.


Prediction of a Portland Cement's Properties from its Chemical and Mineralogical Compositon. Tricalcium Silicate Hydration: A Historical Overview. Thermodynamics of Hydration Reactions. Tricalcium Silicate Hydration: A Historical Overview. Influence of Initial and Boundary Conditions on Moisture Transport in Hydrated Cement Systems. Ionic Interactions in Cement-Based Materials: Importance of Physical and Chemical Interactions in Presence of Chloride or Sulfate Ions. Mechanisms of Frost Damage. Early-Age Flexural Strength: The Role of Aggregates and Their Influence on Maturity Prediction. Drying stresses and Internal Relative Humidity in Concrete.

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