Advances in database technology--EDBT '90 : International Conference on Extending Database Technology, Venice, Italy, March 26-30, 1990, proceedings


Advances in database technology--EDBT '90 : International Conference on Extending Database Technology, Venice, Italy, March 26-30, 1990, proceedings

F. Bancilhon, C. Thanos, D. Tsichritzis (eds.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 416)

Springer-Verlag, c1990

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"This is the Second EDBT Conference"--Foreword

Includes bibliographical references



Database technology is currently being pushed by the needs of new applications and pulled by the oppor- tunities of novel developments in hardware and systems architecture. The invited paper, two panel sessions and 27 papers in this volume report on how the technology is currently extending. One broad area covered is extended database semantics, including data models and data types, databases and logic, complex objects, and expert system approaches to databases. The other area covered is raw architectures and increased database systems support, including novel transaction models, data distribution and replication, database administration, and access efficiency.


Deductive Databases-theory meets practice.- An adaptive overflow technique for B-trees.- Single table access using multiple indexes: Optimization, execution, and concurrency control techniques.- Optimization of queries using nested indices.- A probabilistic relational data model.- Extending the functional data model to computational completeness.- Methods and tools for equivalent data model mapping construction.- The many faces of query monotonicity.- File access level optimization using page access graph on recursive query evaluation.- Abstract machine for $$\mathcal{L}\mathcal{D}\mathcal{L}$$ .- Query processing in distributed ORION.- A localized approach to distributed query processing.- Retrieval of multimedia documents by imprecise query specification.- A lock technique for disjoint and non-disjoint complex objects.- Modeling physical systems by complex structural objects and complex functional objects.- Uniform object management.- Exceeding the limits of polymorphism in database programming languages.- Set operations in a data model supporting complex objects.- Existentially quantified types as a database viewing mechanism.- Panel: Has theory brought anything to database systems and will it in the future?.- The HyperModel benchmark.- LISPO2: A persistent object-oriented lisp.- The Iris Kernel architecture.- Integrating concurrency control into an object-oriented database system.- Representation of the historical information necessary for temporal integrity monitoring.- Making an object-oriented DBMS active: Design, implementation, and evaluation of a prototype.- A theory for rule triggering systems.- A pragmatic approach for integrating data management and tasks management: Modelling and implementation issues.- The reuse and modification of rulebases by predicate substitution.- Panel: "Why are object-oriented folks producing systems, while deductive folks are producing papers?".

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