The mouse : its reproduction and development


The mouse : its reproduction and development

Roberts Rugh

(Oxford science publications)

Oxford University Press, 1990

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Reprint. Originally published: Minneapolis : Burgess Pub. Co., 1968

Includes bibliographical references (p. 365-409) and index



This classic text, first published in 1968, has been out of has been out of print for some years. Nevertheless, it is still very much in demand, since it provides the best currently available account of mouse embryology and the normal development of the mouse. The book contains a detailed description of the mouse at a number of precisely determined ages. There are line drawings, photographs, and sections- sagital, frontal, and transverse- for each stage. It will be welcomed by all who work with the mouse as an experimental animal, reproductive biologists, developmental biologists, embryologists, geneticists, and molecular biologists- especially those interested in the the regulation of development or in transgenesis. The book still provides the best comparative source for anyone working with normal or abnormal subjects, so it will also be welcomed by radiobiologists and toxicologists.


  • Introduction
  • Reproductive systems of adult mice
  • Adult male
  • Adult female
  • Normal development of the mouse
  • Chronology of development (8-16 days)
  • Organogeny: External changes
  • Internal changes.

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