Computer assisted learning : 3rd International Conference, ICCAL '90, Hagen, FRG, June 11-13, 1990, proceedings


Computer assisted learning : 3rd International Conference, ICCAL '90, Hagen, FRG, June 11-13, 1990, proceedings

D.H. Norrie, H.-W. Six (eds.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 438)

Springer-Verlag, c1990

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This volume contains the invited lectures and selected papers from the Third International Conference on Computer Assisted Learning. The contributions cover a wide range of theoretical and practical topics, including knowledge acquisition, intelligent computer assisted instruction, microworlds, media-based CAL, hypermedia environments and instruction, student modeling, evaluation of learning environments, simulation tools, application systems for logic, discourse, visual programming, physiology, structural frames, real time measurement, automotive maintenance, flight training, and implementation of CAL in distance education in various countries. For those active or interested in computer assisted learning, particularly at the post-secondary level, these proceedings provide an up-to-date and international review of important accomplishments in the area.


Experiences using algorithm animations for teaching and research.- Computer science for teachers: A quest for classics, and how to present them.- Educational software development - Why, what, and how.- Flexible access to text-based resources.- A multi-purpose database of learning materials (M-DBLM).- Interactive support for planning visual programs in the problem solving monitor ABSYNT giving feedback to user hypotheses on the language level.- Human-computer graphical dialogue.- Intelligent CAI course in the first-order logic.- An'alternate realities' microworld for horizontal motion.- Simulating the behaviour of three dimensional reticular structures with both curved and straight elements.- An abstract machine simulator.- A model of the acquisition of rule knowledge with visual helps: The operational knowledge for a functional, visual programming language.- Knowledge representation with and-or-graphs: Comparing the approach of doignon & falmagne with the absynt-diagnostics.- Computer assisted concept learning.- User modelling in help systems.- Proactive modelling and the development of coaching strategies in geometry.- A classification and synthesis of student modelling techniques in intelligent computer-assisted instruction.- Maccritic: A program for practice in textual analysis and criticism.- Linking real-time measurement with CAL.- A "tiny tool" for matrix inversion in a COSTOC environment.- Hyperinformation in instructional tool environments.- Towards a typology of educational uses of hypermedia.- The direct use of already existing user manuals for computer aided instruction and information retrieval with the aid of hypermedia.- The meda project: developing evaluation competence in the training software domain.- Teaching software for structural engineering.- Computer-Based Flight Training Evaluation.- Interactive learning programs for unix-machines.- Dimensions of authoring aids intelligence.- Implementing computer-aided instruction in distance education: An infrastructure.- Wombat: An intelligent educational system to encourage externalisation and reflection on decision processes.- Wordtutor: An intelligent tutoring system for teaching word processing.- Designing an intelligent prolog tutor.- MILES/SMP, MILES/SIB, and MILES/tapis - Field specific applications of a common interdisciplinary multimedia database information system for teaching and learning.- Collaborative computer-based learning in China.- The description of a process for identifying musical performance behavior in instrumentalists using computer-based sound spectrum analysis, with implications for an interactive acoustic musical system.

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