Ethical dilemmas in social service


Ethical dilemmas in social service

Frederic G. Reamer

Columbia University Press, c1990

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Through provocative case studies, Ethical Dilemmas in Social Service introduces social work professionals to a wide range of complex and controversial concerns in ethical theory and practice. Reamer illuminates the ethical concerns involved in working with individuals and families and the design and implementation of social welfare programs and policies. This new edition includes a guide to ethical decisions and a discussion of recent legal precedents regarding confidentiality. Also new are an investigation of the use of peer ethics committees and an examination of the particular ethical concerns of social workers in private practice.


  • The nature of ethics
  • fundamental ethical issues in social work
  • ethical dilemmas in service to individuals and families
  • ethical dilemmas in social planning and policy
  • ethical dilemmas in relationships among practitioners
  • enduring issues.

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