Algebraic logic and universal algebra in computer science : conference, Ames, Iowa, USA, June 1-4, 1988, proceedings


Algebraic logic and universal algebra in computer science : conference, Ames, Iowa, USA, June 1-4, 1988, proceedings

C.H. Bergman, R.D. Maddux, D.L. Pigozzi (eds.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 425)

Springer-Verlag, c1990

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The 16 papers and extended abstracts represent a wide range of topics at the interface of algebra and computer science. No index. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or.


Relatively free relation algebras.- The value of free algebras.- Continuations of logic programs.- On cylindric algebraic model theory.- Dynamic algebras as a well-behaved fragment of relation algebras.- All recursive types defined using products and sums can be implemented using pointers.- The abstract Galois theory: A survey.- The implications in conditional logic.- Optimal semantics of data type extensions.- Other logics for (equational) theories.- Mal'cev algebras for universal algebra terms.- Beth's and Craig's properties via epimorphisms and amalgamation in algebraic logic.- The resolution rule: An algebraic perspective.- Incremental models of updating data bases.- Noncommutative cylindric algebras and relativizations of cylindric algebras.- On the ?-definable tree operations.

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Algebraic methods, in particular those of universal algebra and algebraic logic, are playing an increasingly important role in computer science, especially in the areas of algebraic specification of data types, relational data types, relational database theory, logic of programmes, functional and logic programming, and semantics of programming languages. To a large extent this work has been carried forward by computer scientists independent of the very active group of mathematicians who work in universal algebra and algebraic logic. A conference was held at Iowa State University in June 1988 to bring together leading researchers from both groups to identify areas of common interest. Addresses were given by Joel Berman, H.Peter Gumm, Bjarni Jonsson, Dexter Kozen, Istvan Nemeti, Vaughan Pratt, Dana Scott and Eric Wagner. The programme also included contributed papers and a round-table discussion of the role of algebra and logic in computer science.

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