A new economic policy for Britain : essays on the development of industry


A new economic policy for Britain : essays on the development of industry

edited by Keith Cowling and Roger Sugden

Manchester University Press , Distributed exclusively in the USA and Canada by St. Martin's Press, c1990

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This book aims to present a non-technical, yet fully-supported, analysis of the sort of economic and industrial policies which Britain (and similarly placed countries) needs if its industry is to thrive and prosper in the 1990s. More specifically, it is intended as a contribution to the debate on the future economic and industrial policies to be adopted by the Left. The link across all the chapters is the policies needed to regenerate British industry, as this forms part of an examination of wider concerns which include labour markets and regions. The more obvious areas such as mergers and nationalization are also covered. The various authors call for a strategic approach in which the inefficiencies of the market system are overcome by the state adopting a strong developmental role - yet nevertheless they argue that markets have an important function. This study is intended for use by those interested in these policy areas, especially undergraduate students and lecturers of economics and politics.


  • The strategic approach to economic and industrial policy, Keith Cowling
  • encouraging investment in science and technology, Paul Geroski
  • the state as public entrepreneur, Richard Minns adn Mary Rogers
  • merger and monoploy policy, Keith Cowling and Malcolm Sawyer
  • efficiency, economics democracy and company law, K.G.Knight and Roger Sugden
  • macro-economic policies and inflation, Henry Neuburger and Malcolm Sawyer
  • a proposal for monitoring transnational corporations, George Harte and Roger Sugden
  • regional renaissance and industrial regeneration - building a new policy perspective?, Peter Totterdill
  • the major utilities - ownership, regulation and energy usage, Michael Waterson
  • communications 2000 - a broad band cable network for the UK, Nigel Stanley.

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