The Swedish farmers' movement and government agricultural policy


The Swedish farmers' movement and government agricultural policy

Michele Micheletti

Praeger, 1990

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Bibliography: p. [191]-210

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This comprehensive study explores the influence and organization of the Swedish farmers' movement in the 20th century. The first such study of its kind to appear in print, the analysis focuses on the ways in which the movement has represented its members in light of the myriad social, political, and economic changes that have affected its strategy, tactics, and overall position within the Swedish economy. Writing for scholars of political economy in general and Scandinavian area studies in particular, the author both explains the history of the incorporation of the interest organizations of farmers into the Swedish state and fully examines the effect of current reforms that are forcing the farmers' movement to change its traditional structures and ways of thinking. Among the issues addressed by the author are the advantages and disadvantages of the corporatist exchange for the farmers' movement and the important role played by farmers in the electoral politics of Sweden's political parties. Micheletti concludes that vote maximization is an important reason for the concern shown by the parties for the interests of farmers. She further discusses the development of Swedish agricultural policy, the changes in policy resulting from social democracy, and the role played by consumer interest organizations within the Swedish social democratic system. Throughout, Micheletti emphasizes the influence of Swedish political traditions and the prevailing political culture as well as the impact of international developments in the current reform of agriculture in Sweden. How the farmer's movement copes with the changes and the new issues of the environment and deregulation are also a key focus of inquiry.


Introduction Every Nation's Heartland Swedish Agricultural Politics: Acceptance of Exceptionalism Swedish Farmers' Organizations Exceptionalism Questioned Agricultural Corporatism Adjusting Farmers to Change Farmers, Interest Organizations, and the State Bibliography Index

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