Operational calculus : based on the two-sided Laplace integral


Operational calculus : based on the two-sided Laplace integral

by Balth. van der Pol and H. Bremmer

University Press, 1955

2nd ed

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Primarily this book is intended for application of the operational calculus to mathematics, physics and technical problems. It gives the basic principles, ideas, and theorems clearly and extensively, but also many worked-out problems from mathematical and physical as well as from technical fields. The purely mathematical treatment is more advanced than is usual in books devoted primarily to practical applications, and the book will therefore be of value to those pure mathematicians who are interested in a rapid and simple derivation of complicated and unexpected relations between various mathematical functions, as well as to the engineer in search (for example) of a very simple treatment of transient phenomena in electrical networks.


  • 1. General Introduction
  • 2. The Fourier Integral as Basis of the Operational Calculus
  • 3. Elementary Operational Images
  • 4. Elementary Rules
  • 5. The Delta or Impulse Function
  • 6. Questions Concerning the Convergence of the Definition Integral
  • 7. Asymptotic Relations and Operational Transposition of Series
  • 8. Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients
  • 9. Simultaneous Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients
  • Electric-Circuit Theory
  • 10. Linear Differential Equations with Variable Coefficients
  • 11. Operational Rules of more Complicated Character
  • 12. Step Functions and Other Discontinuous Functions
  • 13. Difference Equations
  • 14. Integral Equations
  • 15. Partial Differential Equations in the Operational Calculus of one Variable
  • 16. Simultaneous Operational Calculus.

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