Perspectives on world politics : a reader


Perspectives on world politics : a reader

edited by Richard Little and Michael Smith

Routledge, 1991

2nd ed

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The study of world politics is crucially important; it holds both immense promise and immense difficulty. The sheer complexity of the subject has, however, generated conflict and diversity among academics. By identifying three broad perspectives, Perspectives on World Politics succeeds in presenting a clear and coherent structure with which to approach this complex and difficult subject. Perspectives on World Politics sets out to present students with some of the competing conceptual tools used to analyse world politics. The first perspective, the politics of power and security, stresses the quasi-anarchical nature of the world political system and the consequent concern of states with national security. This approach is challenged by the second perspective, the politics of interdependence and transnational relations. Here both the state and foreign policy process become disaggregated', and as a result the international system explodes' into a complex of coalitions and balances without a clear-cut global hierarchy. The third perspective, the politics of dominance and dependence, stresses the inequality which pervades the structure of the international system. Here the structure of economic and political relations favours the centre' at the expense of the periphery'. By exploring these conceptual rules, one learns how and why divergent perspectives produce radically different pictures of reality. This second edition, substantially revised and updated, fully reflects recent theoretical developments in the field while maintaining the original structure of the text. As such it should appeal to all those interested in world politics both as a field of academic enquiry and as a practical activity.


Introduction Part One The Politics of Power and Security 1.1 The Anatomy of the Nation-State and the Nature of Power John Stoessinger 1.2 The Idea of the State and National Security Barry Buzan 1.3 The National Interest: Normative Foundations W. David Clinton 1.4 The Formulation of Foreign Policy Objectives Keith R. Legg and James F. Morrison 1.5 The Role of Military Power John Garnett 1.6 The Nature of National Economic Power Klaus Knorr 1.7 The Spiral of International Security Robert Jervis 1.8 Co-operation and International Regimes Robert O. Keohane 1.9 The Balance of Power and International Order Hedley Bull 1.10 State Power and the Structure of International Trade Stephen D. Krasner Part Two The Politics of Interdependence and Transnational Relations Introduction 2.1 Dissolving International Politics: Reflections on the Nation-State Wolfram F. Hanrieder 2.2 The State and Strategies of International Adjustment G. John Ikenberry 2.3 The Transformation of Foreign Policies: Modernisation, Interdependence, and Externalisation Edward L. Morse 2.4 Organisation and Bureacratic Politics I.M. Destler 2.5 'Foreign' Policies of U.S. Publics Chadwick F. Alger 2.6 Transnational Organisations in World Politics Samuel P. Huntington 2.7 Transgovernmental Relations and International Organisations Robert O. Keohane and Joseph S. Nye 2.8 International Organisations and Their Roles Charles Pentland 2.9 Of Blind Men, Elephants and International Integration Donald J. Puchala 2.10 The World Polity and the Nation-State System: An Updated Analysis Seyom Brown Part Three The Politics of Dominance and Dependence Introduction 3.1 The Meaning of Economic Imperialism James O'Connor 3.2 A Structural Theory of Imperialism Johan Galtung 3.3 The Rise and Future Demise of the World Capitalist System: Concepts for Comparative Analysis Immanuel Wallerstein 3.4 Power and Dependency in an Interdependent World: A Guide to Understanding the Contemporary Global Crisis Gary Gereffi 3.5 Transnationalism and Its National Consequences Osvoldo Sunkel and Edmundo F. Fuenzalida 3.6 Information Technology and Capitalist Development Gareth Locksley 3.7 The Multinational Corporation and the Law of Uneven Development Stephen Hymer 3.8 Militarism: Force, Class and International Conflict Robin Luckham 3.9 Central and Peripheral Capital Anthony Brewer 3.10 Marxist Theories of the State in World System Analysis Fred Block Part Four Perspectives and World Politics Introduction 4.1 On the Costs of Realism Robert L. Rothstein 4.2 Three Ideologies of International Economy Robert Gilpin 4.3 The Future of the American Empire Susan Strange 4.4 Social Forces, States and World Orders: Beyond International Relations Theory Robert W. Cox

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