South East Asia in the world-economy


South East Asia in the world-economy

Chris Dixon

(Geography of the world-economy)

Cambridge University Press, 1991

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South East Asia has for many centuries occupied a pivotal position in the wider Asian economy, linking China and the Far East with India and the Middle East, and since the early 1500s the region has also played a major role in the world-economy. South East Asia in the World-economy is a textbook survey of the area's interaction with these wider regional and international structure. Professor Chris Dixon demonstrates how this region's role has undergone frequent and profound chance as a result of the successive emergency and dominance of mercantile, industrial and finance capital. He shows how the region has developed as a supplier of luxury product, such as spices; as a producer of bulk primary products; and how, since the mid 1960s, it has become a major recipient of investment and a favoured location for European and American markets. The author examines how these phases in the evolution of the international economy have been reflected in the relations of evolution of the production and in the spatial pattern of economic activity. He also discusses how the progressive integration of South East Asia in the world-economy has established the dominance of a small number of core areas and produced a pattern of uneven development throughout the region. In a concluding chapter, Chris Dixon explores the prospects for South East Asia in the 1990s in the light of the restructuring of the world-economy.


  • List of figures
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  • List of tables
  • Acknowledgements
  • Sources and place names
  • List of abbreviations
  • 1. Contemporary South East Asia in the world-economy
  • 2. Pre-colonial South East Asia
  • 3. Western penetration: from trade to colonial annexation
  • 4. Uneven development: the establishment of capitalist production
  • 5. Development strategies and the international economy
  • 6. South East Asia in the late twentieth century: problems and perspectives
  • Notes
  • References
  • Index.

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