Monetary regime transformations


Monetary regime transformations

edited by Barry Eichengreen

(The international library of macroeconomic and financial history, 3)(An Elgar reference collection)

E. Elgar Pub., c1992

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This important volume collects, for the first time, key essays and papers on monetary regime transformations by economists, historians and political scientists alike. The inflation of the 1970s prompted considerable research by economists on monetary regimes and their transformation. However, empiricists who take seriously the notion that monetary regimes matter must necessarily examine long spans of data and, by implication, analyse historical experience. Empirical research on monetary regimes necessarily is historical research. The landmark volume - presenting as it does a careful selection of the most important historical essays - will be essential to an understanding of monetary regime transformations.


Contents Introduction 1. R.G. Hawtrey (1939), `The Gold Standard from 1717 to 1914' 2. Marcello de Cecco (1984), `The Crisis of 1914 and the Breakdown of the International Gold Standard' 3. Jeffrey A. Miron (1986), `Financial Panics, the Seasonality of the Nominal Interest Rate and the Founding of the Fed' 4. Robert B. Bailey, N. Gregory Mankiw, Jeffrey A.Miron, David N. Weill, (1988), `The Worldwide change in the Behavior of Interest Rates and Prices in 1914' 5. Thomas Sargent (1986), `The Ends of Four Big Inflations' 6. Peter M. Garber (1982), `Transition from Inflation to Price Stability' 7. Steven B. Webb (1991), `Four Ends of the Big Inflation in Germany' 8. Gustavo H. B. Franco (1987), `The Rentenmark "Miracle"' 9. R. S. Sayers (1970), `The Return to Gold, 1925' 10. David Williams (1963), `The 1931 Financial Crises' 11. Donald Moggridge (1970), `The 1931 Financial Crises - A New View' 12. Edward Nevin (1953), `The Origins of the Cheap Money, 1931-2' 13. Peter Temin and Barrie A. Wigmore (1990), `The End of One Big Deflation' 14. Barry Eichengreen (1990), `International Monetary Instability Between the Wars: Structural Flaws or Misguided Policies?` 15. John G. Gurley (1953), `Excess Liquidity and European Monetary Reforms, 1944-1952' 16. Harry G. Johnson (1973), `The International Monetary Crisis of 1971' 17. Harold van Buren Cleveland (1971/2), `How the Dollar Standard Died' 18. Willem H. Buiter and Marcus Miller (1981), `The Thatcher Experiment: The First Two Years' 19. Tom de Vries (1980), `On the Meaning and Future of the European Monetary System' 20. Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa (1988), `The European Monetary System: A Long-term View' Name Index

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