Discourse and social change


Discourse and social change

Norman Fairclough

Polity Press, 1992

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This book is a critical introduction to discourse analysis as it is practised in a variety of different disciplines today, from linguistics and sociolinguistics to sociology and cultural studies. The author shows how concern with the analysis of discourse can be combined, in a systematic and fruitful way, with an interest in broader problems of social analysis and social change. Fairclough provides a concise and critical review of the methods and results of discourse analysis, discussing the descriptive work of linguists and conversation analysts as well as the more historically and theoretically oriented work of Michel Foucault. He develops an original framework for discourse analysis which firmly situates discourse in a broader context of social relations bringing together text analysis, the analysis of processes of text production and interpretation, and the social analysis of discourse events.


  • Approaches to discourse analysis
  • Michel Foucault and the analysis of discourse
  • a social theory of discourse
  • intertextuality
  • text analysis - constructing social relations and "the self", constructing social reality
  • discourse and social change in contemporary society
  • doing discourse analysis.

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