Advanced information systems engineering : 4th International Conference CAiSE '92, Manchester, UK, May 12-15, 1992 : proceedings


Advanced information systems engineering : 4th International Conference CAiSE '92, Manchester, UK, May 12-15, 1992 : proceedings

P. Loucopoulos, (ed.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 593)

Springer-Verlag, c1992

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The growing demand for information systems of ever-increasing size, scope, and complexity has highlighted the benefits that may be accrued from approaches which recognize the interrelationships between different technological strands in the field of information systems. Typical examples of these areas include: system development methods, CASE, requirements engineering, database design, and re-use. The CAiSE series of conferences provides the forum for the exchange of results and ideas within these different technological spheres from a single perspective, namely that of information systems development and management. The 1992 conference, the fourth in the series, continues this tradition. This volume collects the papers accepted for the conference, with authors from 16 countries covering a wide range of topics including: object-oriented analysis and design methods, the development process and product support, requirements engineering, re-use, design approaches, and deductive approaches.


How objective is object-oriented analysis?.- Integrating object and agent worlds.- A fully integrated programming environment for an object-oriented database.- Automatic generation of documentation for information systems.- A framework for performance engineering during information system development.- A framework for software maintenance.- The sol object-oriented database language.- Interactive design of object oriented databases.- Conceptual graphs as a framework for deductive object-oriented databases.- A knowledge based technique for the process modelling of information systems: the Object Life Cycle Diagram.- Database CASE tool architecture: Principles for flexible design strategies.- The synthesis of knowledge engineering and software engineering.- Reconciling operational and declarative specifications.- NelleN: A framework for literate data modelling.- A natural language approach for Requirements Engineering.- Building a tool for software code analysis a machine learning approach.- Supporting component matching for software reuse.- A browser for software reuse.- Elaborating, structuring and expressing formal requirements of composite systems.- Oasis: An object-oriented specification language.- Data modelling in complex application domains.- Augmenting the design process: Transformations from abstract design representations.- A methodology for requirements analysis and evaluation of SDEs.- Organizational integration of the information system design process.- A method for validating a conceptual model by natural language discourse generation.- Automated validation of conceptual schema constraints.- An approach to eliciting the semantics of relational databases.- Model integration in information planning tools.- IDRIS: Interactive design of reactive information systems.- Constraint confrontation: An important step in view integration.- Methods for CASE: A generic framework.- Metamodeling editor as a front end tool for a CASE shell.- A meta-CASE environment for software process-centred CASE environments.- A declarative conceptual modelling language: Description and example applications.- A method for reasoning about deductive conceptual models of information systems.- The basic query machine of the KIWIS system.

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