P-adic methods and their applications


P-adic methods and their applications

edited by Andrew J. Baker and Roger J. Plymen

Clarendon Press, 1992

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A number of texts have recently become available which provide good general introductions to p-Adic numbers and p-Adic analysis. However, there is at present a gap between such books and the sophisticated applications in the research literature. The aim of this book is to bridge this gulf by providing a collection of intermediate level articles on various applications of p-Adic techniques throughout mathematics. The idea for producing such a volume was suggested by Oxford University Press in connection with a three day meeting `p-Adic Methods and their Applications' held at Manchester University in September 1989 and which have received financial support from the London Mathematical Society. Some of these articles grew out of talks given at this conference, others were written by invitation especially for this volume. All contributions were refereed with a particular view to their suitability for inclusion in such a book.


  • Preface
  • Dedication to the memory of K. Mahler
  • Conventions and notations
  • Francis Clarke: The Gray Code Function
  • Marcus P.F. Du Sautoy: Applications of p-Adic methods to group theory
  • G.R. Everest: Applications of the p-Adic subspace theorem
  • Manchester School of P-Adic Analysis: Out of the p-Adic into the real
  • R.J. Plymen: Coupling constants for p-Adic groups
  • Paulo Ribenboim: The local fermat problem
  • Freydoon Shahidi: L-Functions and representation of p-Adic groups
  • David R. Solom: Iwasawa theory, factorizability and the Galois module structure of units
  • Alain Valette: Weak forms of amenability for split rank 1 p-Adic groups
  • C.F. Woodcock: p-Adic Fourier series.

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