Geometry and algebra of multidimensional three-webs


Geometry and algebra of multidimensional three-webs

by Maks A. Akivis and Alexander M. Shelekhov ; translated from Russian by Vladislav V. Goldberg

(Mathematics and its applications, . Soviet series ; v. 82)

Kluwer Academic Publishers, c1992

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Translated from the Russian

Includes bibliographical references and index



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  • Preface. 1. Three-Webs and Geometric Structures Associated with Them. 2. Algebraic Structures Associated with Three-Webs. 3. Transversally Geodesic and Isoclinic Three-Webs. 4. The Bol Three-Webs and the Moufang Three-Webs. 5. Closed G-Structures Associated with Three-Webs. 6. Automorphisms of Three-Webs. 7. Geometry of the Fourth Order Differential Neighborhood of a Multidimensional Three-Web. 8. d-Webs of Codimension r. Appendix A. Web Geometry and Mathematical Physics
  • E.V. Ferapontov. Bibliography. Symbols Frequently Used. Index.

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