Emotion and social behavior


Emotion and social behavior

editor, Margaret S. Clark

(Review of personality and social psychology / edited by Ladd Wheeler, Phillip Shaver, 14)

Sage Publications, c1992

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The gender-emotion relationship, embarrassment, affective expectations and happiness are among the topics addressed in this companion volume to Emotion. This volume goes beyond theoretical issues explored in the previous volume to focus on the interaction of emotion and social behaviour. Leading emotion researchers present new data, new theoretical ideas and new ways of viewing and interpreting existing work in the area.


Preface - Margaret S Clark`Expectation Whirls Me Round' - Timothy D Wilson and Lois K Pope The Role of Affective Expectations in Affective ExperienceAppraisal and Emotion - Craig A Smith and Lois K Pope The Interactional Contributions of Dispositional and Situational FactorsWhat - John T Cacioppo, Gary G Bernston and David J Kleinisan Emotion? The Role of Somatovisceral Afference, with Special Emphasis on Somatovisceral `Illusions'Temperamental Contributions to Emotion and Social Behavior - Jerome KaganEmotion, Self-Regulation, and the Development of Social Competence - Nancy Eisenberg and Richard A FabesPrimitive Emotional Contagion - Elaine Hatfield, John T Cacioppo and Richard RapsonToward a Reconsideration of the Gender-Emotion Relationship - Marianne LaFrance and Mahzarin BanajiSocial Sources and Interactive Functions of Emotion - Rowland S Miller and Mark R Leary The Case of EmbarrassmentThe Cybernetics of Happiness - William D McIntosh and Leonard L Martin The Relation Among Goal Attainment, Rumination and AffectThe Impact of Positive Affect on Persuasion Processes - Diane M Mackie, Arlene G Asuncion and Francine RosselliChanges in the Valence of the Self as a Function of Mood - Constantine Sedikides

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    edited by Ladd Wheeler, Phillip Shaver

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