Old lines, new forces : essays on the contemporary British novel, 1960-1970


Old lines, new forces : essays on the contemporary British novel, 1960-1970

edited by Robert K. Morris

Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, c1976

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Includes bibliographical references

"Biobibliographies of authors": p. 200-208


  • Metaphors of enclosure : Angus Wilson's The Old Men at the Zoo (1961) / Irving Malin
  • Leaving the safety of myth : Doris Lessing's The Golden Notebook (1962) / Barbara Bellow Watson
  • Linguistics, mechanics, and metaphysics : Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange (1962) / Esther Petix
  • Transatlantic communications : Malcolm Bradbury's Stepping Westward (1966) / Martin Green
  • Looking for the simple life : Kingsley Amis's The Anti-Death League (1966) / Bernard McCabe
  • The fool's journey : John Fowles's The Magus (1966) / Marvin Magalaner
  • Rosamund's complaint : Margaret Drabble's The Millstone (1966) / Peter E. Firchow
  • The artist and the introvert : Nigel Dennis's A House in Order (1966) / Robert Phillips
  • Myths of identity : Alan Sillitoe's The Death of William Posters (1965) and A Tree on Fire (1967) / James W. Lee
  • Substance into shadow : V.S. Naipaul's The Mimic Men (1967) / Robert K. Morris
  • England's greatest tourist and tourist attraction : Andrew Sinclair's Gog Magog (1967, 1972) / Peter Wolfe
  • The four-gaited beast of the Apocalypse : Doris Lessing's The Four-Gated City (1969) / Frederick R. Karl



Draws together a dozen essays by the foremost contemporary critics of the British novel to examine its growth in the sixties. The collection of critical pieces is devoted to major, minor, and rising novelists who are cultivating the seedbed of contemporary fictional talent in England today.

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