The Japanese woman : traditional image and changing reality


The Japanese woman : traditional image and changing reality

Sumiko Iwao

Free Press, c1993

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Bibliographical references: p. 283-294

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The traditional image of the Japanese woman is that of a dependent deferential housewife. Iwao argues that this image conceals the influence that Japanese woman exercise in the home, and does not reckon with recent socioeconomic developments that have brought more women into industry. Japanese woman are intensely involved in the education of their children. It is this involvement, Iwao argues, that accounts for excellent academic record. They also have a subtle but powerful influence over the conduct of their husbands. Indeed, according to Iwao, American women could learn much form Japanese women about how to exercise control in the household. The shortage of labour in Japan is drawing more and more women into the workforce. This is beginning to have a decisive effect on the role of Japanese women both inside and outside the home, with women becoming increasingly powerful and important to Japan's economic future.

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