Vibration of structures and machines : practical aspects


Vibration of structures and machines : practical aspects

Giancarlo Genta

Springer-Verlag, c1993

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [443]-448) and index



The aim of the present book is to address practical aspects of nonlinear vibration analysis. It presents cases rarely discussed in the existing literature on vibration - rsuch as rotor dynbamics, and torsional vibration of engines - which are problems of considerable interest for engineering researchers and practical engineers. The book can be used not only as a reference but also as material for graduate students at Engineering department, as it contains problems and solutions for each chapter. This volume deals with important practical problems related to applications of vibration analysis. It uniquely present topics that are very rarely covered in existing literature, but are of considerable importance for researchers and practical engineers. Among the problems discussed are nonlinear vibration and practical cases such as vibration rotor dynamics and torsional vibration of engines.

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