A vision of the brain


A vision of the brain

Semir Zeki

Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1993

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Includes bibliographies and index



This new benchmark publication comes from one of the world's foremost researchers on vision and the brain. The cerebal cortex is the most complicated piece of matter in the known universe, and is responsible for all the higher behavioural functions which help define us as human. A Vision of the Brain is the most sustained attempt made so far to explain how the cortex works both with specific reference to vision and generally. At a level accessible to those beginning studies within neuroscience, this exciting book explores the unfolding of our understanding, as a detective story, of how the visual cortex works, which in turn gives us a vision of how the brain works as a whole. Illustrated throughout in two colours, and examining both normal and abnormal functions, this book will be of major interest to neurologists, psychologists, ophthalmologists and neuroscientists.


The Retina And The Visual Image Functional Specialization In Human Cerebral Cortex The Representation Of The Retina In The Primary Visual Cortex Colour In The Cerebral Cortex The Evidence Against A Colour Centre In The Cortex The Concept Of The Duality Of The Visual Process The Extent Of The Visual Receptive Cortex The Spell Of Cortical Architecture Hierarchies In The Visual System A Motion-Blind Patient The Multiple Visual Areas Of The Cerebral Cortex The Basic Anatomy Of The Visual Areas Parallelism In The Visual Cortex Functional Specialization In The Visual Cortex Functional Specialization In Human Visual Cortex The Collapse Of The Old Concepts The Mapping Of Visual Functions In The Brain The Corpus Callosum As A Guide To Functional Specialization In The Visual Cortex Functional Segregation In Cortical Areas Feeding The Specialized Visual Areas The P And M Pathways And The 'What And Where' Doctrine The Modularity Of The Brain The Plasticity Of The Brain Colour Vision And The Brain The Cerebral Cortex As A Categorizer The Retinex Theory And The Organization Of The Colour Pathways In The Brain The Physiology Of The Colour Pathways Some Specific Visual Disturbances Of Cerebral Origin A Tense Relationship A Theory Of Multi-Stage Integration In The Visual Cortex The Disintegration Of Cerebral Integration The Anatomy Of Integration Further Unsolved Problems Of Integration Consciousness And Knowledge Through Vision

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