Francis Bacon : history, politics and science, 1561-1626


Francis Bacon : history, politics and science, 1561-1626

B.H.G. Wormald

(Cambridge studies in the history and theory of politics)

Cambridge University Press, 1993

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In the centuries since his death, Francis Bacon has been perceived as a promoter and prophet of 'natural science'. Certainly Bacon expected to fill the vacuum which he saw existing in the study of nature; but he also saw himself as a clarifier and promoter of what he called 'policy', that is, the study and improvement of the structure and function of civil states including the then new British state. In this major study, Brian Wormald's first since his work on Clarendon, Bacon is shown resolving this conflict by attending assiduously to both fields, arguing that work on one would help progress in the other. In his teaching, in his practice and in terms of what was actually achieved, the junction between the two enterprises was affected by Bacon's work in history - civil and natural. In this fundamental reappraisal of one of the most complex and innovative figures of the age, Brian Wormald reveals how Bacon's conception and practice of history provided an answer to his strivings in both policy and natural philosophy.


  • Acknowledgments
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Two programmes: know thyself and know the universe of nature
  • 3. Knowledges are as pyramids, whereof history is the basis - history civil - this latter extended to describe and to include the Common Law of England
  • 4. Logic - idols of the mind - rhetoric
  • 5. Policy: a great part of philosophy - Bacon's engagements of policy
  • 6. Morality and policy I
  • 7. Morality and policy II
  • 8. Morality and policy III
  • 9. Morality and policy IV
  • 10. Civil history of letters - civil history mixed
  • 11. Civil history of the reign of King Henry the 7th
  • 12. Aims and claims - but no metaphysics of nature
  • 13. No metaphysics of nature - civil history supplies Bacon's masculine birth of time
  • 14. Bacon and his markers I
  • 15. Bacon and his markers II
  • Notes
  • Index.

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