A course of lectures on the theory of language and universal grammar


A course of lectures on the theory of language and universal grammar

Joseph Priestley ; with a new introduction by Roy Harris

(History of linguistics, . British linguistics in the eighteenth century)

Routledge/Thoemmes , Kinokuniya, 1993

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Reprint. Originally published: Warrington : Printed by W. Eyres, 1762

Includes bibliographical reference: p. 303-305



One of the most interesting periods in the history of British linguistic thought, the 18th century is also one of the most neglected. Richer in diversity than the corresponding period in France, there is still a reflection of continental influences. The inheritance of linguistic ideas from Graeco-Roman antiquity is prominent and there is considerable discussion on the theory of universal grammar. Growing interest in historical and comparative aspects of language study lead to the realisation that Indo-European languages are very much related - a discovery with important cultural and religious implications. The definitive edition of each book has been selected for this collection.


  • Contents: Hermes or a Philosophical Inquiry Concerning Universal Grammar [1786] James Harris 492pp The Diversions of Purley [1829] John Horne Tooke (2 volumes) 540pp
  • 592pp Revised and corrected by Richard Taylor A Course of Lectures on the Theory of Language and Universal Grammar [1762] Joseph Priestley 324pp The Theory of Language [1788] Of the Origin and General Nature of Speech Of Universal Grammar James Beattie Considerations concerning the first Formation of Languages [1801] Adam Smith 62pp Discourses (delivered at the Asiatic Society between 1785-1792)[1807] William Jones 220pp

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