Cancer : principles & practice of oncology


Cancer : principles & practice of oncology

edited by Vincent T. DeVita, Jr., Samuel Hellman, Steven A. Rosenberg ; 214 contributors

J.B. Lippincott, c1993

4th ed

  • : one-vol. ed.
  • : 2-vol. ed. : set
  • : 2-vol. ed. : v. 1
  • : 2-vol. ed. : v. 2

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Includes bibliographical references and index

2-vol. ed.: v. l (1332p) ; v. 2 (1333-2747p)



Provides clinical information on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. This edition contains new material on genetic counselling and adjuvant chemotherapy, and places new emphasis on primary chemotherapy and the newly-understood nutritional aspects of cancer treatment.


  • Part 1 Principles of oncology: principles of molecular cell biology of cancer - introduction to methods in molecular biology, Susan Vande Woude and George F. Vande Woude
  • principles of molecular cell biology of cancer - general aspects of gene regulation, Arun Seth and Takis S. Papas
  • principles of molecular cell biology of cancer - oncogenes, Archibald S. Perkins and George F. Vande Woude
  • principles of molecular cell biology of cancer - the cell cycle, Renato Baserga
  • principles of molecular cell biology of cancer - chromosome abnormalities in human cancer and leukemia, Janet D. Rowley and Relix Mitleman
  • principles of molecular cell biology of cancer - molecular approaches to cancer diagnosis, Jeffrey Sklar
  • principles of molecular cell biology of cancer - growth factors, John Mendelsohn and Marc E. Lippman
  • principles of molecular cell biology of cancer - cancer metastasis, Lance A. Liotta and William G. Stetler-Stevenson
  • epidemiology of cancer, Joseph F. Fraumeni, Jr, et al
  • principles of carcinogenesis - viral, Peter M. Howley
  • principles of carcinogenesis - chemical, Peter G. Shields and Curtis C. Harris
  • principles of carcinogenesis - physical, Eric J. Hall
  • principles of oncologic pathology, Juan Rosai
  • principles of surgical oncology, Steven A. Rosenberg
  • principles of radiation therapy, Samuel Hellman
  • principles of chemotherapy, Vincent T. DeVita, Jr
  • principles of biologic therapy, Steven A. Rosenberg
  • clinical pharmacology of cancer, Bruce A. Chabner - section 1 - cancer drug discovery and development, Michael R. Grever and Bruce A. Chabner, section 2 - mechanisms of antineoplastic drug resistance, Charles S. Borrow and Kenneth H. Cowan, section 3 - investigational agents, Michael J. Hawkins, section 4 - antimetabolites, Edward Chu and Chris H. Takimoto, section 5 - antitumor antibiotics, Bruce A. Chabner and Charles E. Myers, section 6 - miscellaneous agents, Bruce A. Chabner, section 7 - platinum analogs, Eddie Reed, section 8 - alkylating agents, Nathan A. Berger, section 9 - anticancer drugs derived from plants, Ross C. Donehower and Eric K. Rowinsky
  • design and conduct of clinical trials, Richard Simon. Part 2 Practice of oncology: cancer prevention: cancer prevention - section1, dietary fat and cancer, Peter Greenwald and Carolyn Clifford, section 2, dietary fibre and cancer, Peter Greenwald, section 3, micronutrients and chemoprevention, Peter Greenwald, section 4, retinoids and carotenoids, Charles Hennekens and Julie Buring, section 5, hormones, Brian E. Henderson, Leslie Bernstein and Ronald Ross, section 6, curtailing the tobacco pandemic, Alan Blum
  • specialized techniques of cancer management and diagnosis - section 1, endoscopy, Robert C. Kurtz, et al. (Part contents).

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