Topological, algebraical, and combinatorial structures : Frolík's memorial volume


Topological, algebraical, and combinatorial structures : Frolík's memorial volume

[edited by] J. Nešetřil

(Topics in discrete mathematics, 8)

North-Holland , Sole distributors for the USA and Canada, Elsevier Science, 1992

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"Reprinted from the journal Discrete mathematics, volume 108, number 1-3, 1992."

Includes index



With contributions from many researchers, this book is dedicated to the memory of Zdenek Frolik, the prominent Czechoslovakian mathematician who died in 1989 at the age of only 56 years. One of his achievements was the founding of the Winter School of Abstract Analysis, which transcended boundaries of individual fields of mathematics. This book pays tribute to Frolik's versatility and his belief that there is only one Mathematics.


Geometry and Topology. Reaping Number and pi-Character of Boolean Algebras (B. Balcar, P. Simon). On w alpha-Compactness (A. Fedeli et al.). Embedding of a Separable Locally Pseudoconvex Algebra into a Locally Pseudoconvex Algebra with Two Generators (A. Fernandez, V. Muller). On the Cardinality of Certain Hausdorff Spaces (J. Gerlits et al.). Geometric Medians (J. Gil et al.). The Logarithmic Distribution of Leading Digits and Finitely Additive Measures (T. Jech). All Trapezoids are Ramsey (U. Kriz). Products in the Category of Locales: Which Properties are Preserved? (J. Paseka). On Coverings of Infinite-Dimensional Metric Spaces (J. Pelant, V. Rodl). From wqo to bqo, via Ellentuck's Theorem (H.J. Promel, B. Voigt). Notes on an Extension of the Structure of Frame (A. Pultr). Sets in R d with No Large Empty Convex Subsets (P. Valtr). Cardinalities of Noncentred Systems of Subsets of omega (P. Vojtas). Structures and Algebra. On Orthogonal Subcategories of Locally Presentable Categories (J. Adamek, J. Rosicky). Invertibility of the Base Radon Transform of a Matroid (A. Bjorner, J. Karlander). An Extremal Problem for the Spectral Radius of a Graph (M. Fiedler). Simple Tournaments and Sharply Transitive Groups (W. Imrich, J. Nesetril). Extending a Flexible Unit-Bar Framework to a Rigid One (H. Maehara). Thickness of Families of Sets and a Minimax Lemma (V. Ptak). Applications of Combinatorics to Statics - A Second Survey (A. Recksi). Groups with Sign Structure and their Antiautomorphisms (J. Siran, M. Skoviera). Endomorphisms of Undirected Modifications of Directed Graphs (V. Trnkova). Simultaneous Representations of Groups (J. Vinarek). Combinatorics. Generalized Davenport-Schinzel Sequences with Linear Upper Bound (R. Adamec et al.). The Strong Chromatic Index of a Cubic Graph is at most 10 (L.D. Andersen). Trahtenbrot-Zykov Problem and NP-Completeness (P. Bugata). Cycle-Connected Graphs (R.A. Duke et al.). Covering the Cliques of a Graph with Vertices (P. Erdos et al.). On Cross-Intersecting Families (P. Frankl). Achromatic Numbers and Graph Operations (P. Hell, D.J. Miller). Thresholds for Classes of Intersection Graphs (S. Janson, J. Kratochvil). Some Remarks on Adam's Conjecture for Simple Directed Graphs (J. Jirasek). Unprovable Combinatorial Statements (M. Loebl). On the Complexity of Finding Iso- and other Morphisms for Partial k -Trees (J. Matousek, R. Thomas). The Max Clique Problem in Classes of String-Graphs (M. Middendorf, F. Pfeiffer). Finite Undirected Graphs which are Not Reconstructible from their Large Cardinality Subgraphs (V. Nydl). Max-Cut in Circulant Graphs (S. Poljak, D. Turzik). The Gap between the Chromatic Number of a Graph and the Rank of its Adjacency Matrix is Superlinear (A.A. Razborov). Asymptotic Growth of Sparse Saturated Structures is Locally Determined (Zs. Tuza). Obituary. Bibliographical Sketch. List of Frolik's Publications.

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