Bootstrapping : a nonparametric approach to statistical inference


Bootstrapping : a nonparametric approach to statistical inference

Christopher Z. Mooney, Robert D. Duval

(Sage university papers series, . Quantitative applications in the social sciences ; no. 07-095)

Sage Publications, c1993

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Bibliography: p. 68-72



This book is. . . clear and well-written. . . anyone with any interest in the basis of quantitative analysis simply must read this book. . . . well-written, with a wealth of explanation. . . --Dougal Hutchison in Educational Research Using real data examples, this volume shows how to apply bootstrapping when the underlying sampling distribution of a statistic cannot be assumed normal, as well as when the sampling distribution has no analytic solution. In addition, it discusses the advantages and limitations of four bootstrap confidence interval methods--normal approximation, percentile, bias-corrected percentile, and percentile-t. The book concludes with a convenient summary of how to apply this computer-intensive methodology using various available software packages.


PART ONE: INTRODUCTION Traditional Parametric Statistical Inference Bootstrap Statistical Inference Bootstrapping a Regression Model Theoretical Justification The Jackknife Monte Carlo Evaluation of the Bootstrap PART TWO: STATISTICAL INFERENCE USING THE BOOTSTRAP Bias Estimation Bootstrap Confidence Intervals PART THREE: APPLICATIONS OF BOOTSTRAP CONFIDENCE INTERVALS Confidence Intervals for Statistics With Unknown Sampling Distributions Inference When Traditional Distributional Assumptions Are Violated PART FOUR: CONCLUSION Future Work Limitations of the Bootstrap Concluding Remarks

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