Management of non-profit organizations


Management of non-profit organizations

edited by Sharon M. Oster

(The International library of management / series editor, Keith Bradley)

Dartmouth, c1994

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Includes bibliographical references and index



This work offers analyses of how to manage non-profit organizations and how they interact and intersect with for-profit organizations. Particular organizations investigated include hospitals and charities.


  • Part I Overview: what business can learn from non-profits, Peter I. Drucker. Part II Why non-profits?: the role of the non-profit enterprise, Henry Hansmann
  • how non-profits grow, Estelle James
  • does the non-profit form fit the hospital industry?, Robert Clarke
  • the sociology of non-profit organizations and sectors, Paul Dimaggio and Helmut Anheiur
  • sociological and economic theories of market and non-profits - evidence from home health organizations, Lee Clarke and Carroll Estes. Part III Governance and structure issues: separation of ownership and control, Eugene Fama and Michael Jensen
  • size, composition and function of hospital boards of directors - a study of organization-environment linkage, Jeffry Pfeffer
  • non-profits as franchise operations, Sharon Oster
  • volunteer labour supply, Paul Menchik and Burton Wiesbrod
  • the non-profit worker in a for-profit world, Anne Preston
  • profit and incentive compensation in non-profit firms, Richard Steinberg
  • trustee motivation and board effectiveness, Barbara Taylor et al
  • the propensity of governing boards to plan, Melissa Middleton Stone. Part V Competition versus cooperation: competing for scarce resources, Ellen Greenberg
  • competitive strategies for not-for-profit agencies, Ian Macmillan
  • united charities - an economic analysis, Susan Rose-Ackerman
  • competition between non-profits and for-profits - entry and growth, Susan Rose-Ackerman. Part VI Financial resources: tax incentives and charitable giving - evidence from a panel of taxpayers, Charles Clotfelter
  • on the private provision of public goods, Theodore Bergstrom et al
  • the financial information that non-profit trustees need and how they can get it, Robert Anthony.

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