English for journalists


English for journalists

Wynford Hicks

Routledge, 1993

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 78-81) and index



Why is "one" reserved for the Royal Family? What style should you use in reported speech? What is the difference between "less" and "fewer"? What are the rules for using apostrophes? How can you spot (and avoid) cliches? "English for Journalists" answers these questions, and many more. It provides students with a guide not only to the basics of English, but to those aspects of writing - reporting speech, house style, jargon, cliches - specific to the language of journalism. "English for Journalists" combines a clear summary of the rules of journalistic writing with advice on when to break them, and each point is illustrated with concise examples. "English for Journalists" is accessible to all, including those students whose first language is not English. Separate chapters deal with topics such as grammar, spelling and punctuation. Features include a full index, a glossary of words used in journalism and a guide to further reading. It should prove invaluable not only to students but to trainee and working journalists.


How to use this book 1. The Use of English 2. Grammar: The Rules 3. Grammar: mistakes and confusions 4. Spelling 5. Punctuation 6. Reporting Speech 7. House Style 8. Style 9. Words Glossary of terms used in journalism Further reading Index

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