Programming language implementation and logic programming : 6th International Symposium, PLILP '94, Madrid, Spain, September 14-16 1994 : proceedings


Programming language implementation and logic programming : 6th International Symposium, PLILP '94, Madrid, Spain, September 14-16 1994 : proceedings

Manuel Hermenegildo, Jaan Penjam, (eds.)

(Lecture notes in computer science, 844)

Springer-Verlag, c1994

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This volume constitutes the proceedings of the 6th International Symposium on Programming Language Implementation and Logic Programming (PLILP '94), held in Madrid, Spain in September 1994. The volume contains 27 full research papers selected from 67 submissions as well as abstracts of full versions of 3 invited talks by renowned researchers and abstracts of 11 system demonstrations and poster presentations. Among the topics covered are parallelism and concurrency; implementation techniques; partial evaluation, synthesis, and language issues; constraint programming; meta-programming and program transformation; functional-logic programming; and program analysis and abstract interpretation.


Concurrent constraint programming.- Specifications using multiple-conclusion logic programs.- Viewing a program transformation system at work.- A portable and efficient implementation of KL1.- Why Multi-SLD beats SLD (even on a uniprocessor).- Abstracting synchronization in concurrent constraint programming.- A novel term compression scheme and data representation in the BinWAM.- A simple and efficient copying garbage collector for prolog.- Deriving residual reference count garbage collectors.- RML - A new language and implementation for Natural Semantics.- Towards a provably correct compiler for OBJ3.- An implementation technique for a class of bottom-up procedures.- Partial deduction and driving are equivalent.- Partial continuations as the difference of continuations a duumvirate of control operators.- Hand-writing program generator generators.- A logic for encapsulation in object oriented languages.- Annotated constraint logic programming applied to temporal reasoning.- Clp(B): Combining simplicity and efficiency in boolean Constraint solving.- Handling preferences in constraint logic programming with relational optimization.- Improving search for job-shop scheduling with CLP(FD).- Implementations of program composition operations.- Sleepers: a versatile high-level control mechanism.- Improving arithmetic performance using fine-grain unfolding.- Unfold/fold transformations for definite clause programs.- A graph reduction technique with sharing across narrowings for functional-logic languages.- Combining lazy narrowing and simplification.- Combining lazy narrowing with disequality constraints.- Abstracting numerical values in CLP(H,N).- Dynamic dependence in term rewriting systems and its application to program slicing.- Abstracting s-semantics using a model-theoretic approach.- Using higher-order control flow analysis when compiling functional languages.- Readable, runnable requirements specifications in SPILL-2.- A system to visualize and interact with prolog programs.- Semantic-based static program transformations for memory space and run time optimization in hybrid languages.- Towards a constraint functional logic compiler for symbolic computation systems.- PROMAL - Programming in modal action logic.- Implementing the synthesis of properties in unfold/fold transformations.- Shared memory system for Babel: a VHDL specification.- Towards integrating functional and logic styles using relation.- Tabulation of functions in definite clause programs.- Flang system: A new version.

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