Essentials of strength training and conditioning


Essentials of strength training and conditioning

National Strength and Conditioning Association ; Thomas R. Baechle, editor

Human Kinetics, c1994

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Includes bibliographical references and index



A reference text for fitness professionals, sports medicine specialists and fitness students, this book explores the scientific principles, concepts and theories, as well as the practical aspects of strength training and conditioning. It covers the structure and function of body systems, training adaptations, testing and evaluations, exercise programme design and the organization and administration of the training facility. The book is divided into five sections: in the first part, experts in fields such as exercise physiology, neurology, biochemistry, anatomy, biomechanics and endocrinology discuss the principles of their respective areas of expertise, and how they can be applied to designing safe and effective strength and conditioning programmes. The second part discusses the necessary steps of testing, from selecting the most appropriate test to evaluating results. The third part provides information and instruction on stretching, plyometrics and speed development exercises, and lifting and spotting techniques. The fourth part sums up the information from the first three sections of the text, explaining how to design an effective strength training and conditioning programme for athletes. The final part addresses facility management, including equipment, facility policies and procedures, staff concerns and emergency preparedness.

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