Cell biology : a laboratory handbook


Cell biology : a laboratory handbook

edited by Julio E. Celis

Academic Press, c1994

  • : set
  • v. 1
  • v. 2
  • v. 3

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Includes indexes



The aim of this laboratory guide is to collect important methods in cell biology. Divided into 15 sections, it starts with techniques for culturing and analyzing whole cells, progresses through sections on cell fractionation, microscopy, generation of antibodies, introduction of molecules into living cells, to end with methods for the analysis of proteins. Protocols are provided as easy-to-follow recipes and the pitfalls of each technique are described at the end of each article.


  • Volume 1: tissue culture and associated techniques
  • epithelial cells
  • mesenchymal cells
  • neuroectodermal cells
  • haemopoietic cells
  • gonads
  • anthropoda
  • C. elegans
  • protozoa
  • fungi
  • plants
  • viruses
  • organelles, cellular structures, macromolecules, and functional assays. Volume 2: microscopy techniques
  • microdissection techniques
  • histochemistry
  • antibodies
  • immunocytochemistry and vital staining of cells
  • intracellular measurements
  • cytogenetics and in situ hybridization. Volume 3: transfer of macromolecules and small molecules
  • cloning of embryos, transgenics, and gene targetting
  • cell-free extracts, permeabilized cell systems and expression systems
  • proteins. Appendices: cell and tissue culture media - history and terminology
  • representative cultured cell lines and their characteristics
  • working safely with radioactivity.

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