Handbook of olfaction and gustation


Handbook of olfaction and gustation

edited by Richard L. Doty

(Neurological disease and therapy, v. 32)

Marcel Dekker, 1995

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Provides both basic and clinical knowledge of olfaction, gustation, and other chemosensory systems - examining the anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, and psychophysics of the senses of smell and taste. Developments in molecular biology are incorporated.


  • Part 1 Olfaction: Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology - Olfactory Mucosa: Composition, Enzymatic Localization and Metabolism, Anatomy of the Human Nasal Passages, Anatomy and Ultrastructure of the Human Olfactory Neuroepithelium, Functional Anatomy, Central Connections, and Neurochemistry of the Mammalian Olfactory Bulb, The Molecular Mechanisms of Olfactory Signal Transduction, Developmental Anatomy of the Olfactory System
  • Human Psychophysics and Measurement of Odor-Induced Responses - Current Trends In the Measurement of Olfactory Function, Modern Approaches to Air Dilution Olfactometry, Olfactory Adaptation, Perception of Odor Mixtures, Olfaction and Development of Social Preferences in Neonatal Organisms, The Genetics of Olfactory Perception
  • Clinical Applications and Perspectives - Clinical Disorders of Olfaction - A Review, Viruses and the Olfactory System, Evaluation of Olfactory Deficits by Medical Imaging, Rhinological Considerations and Upper Airway Physical Examination of Patients with Olfactory Disorders, Distorted Olfactory Perception, Deprivation and the Olfactory System, Nasal Airway Dynamics and Olfactory Function. Part 2 Gustation: Anatomy, Biochemistry, Development, Genetics, and Physiology - Saliva: Its Function and Disorders, Anatomy of the Peripheral Taste System, Central Taste Anatomy and Neurophysiology, Receptor Mechanisms in Gustation, Transduction of Taste Stimuli by Receptor Cells in the Gustatory System
  • Human Psychophysics and Measurement of Testant-Induced Responses - Current Trends in Measuring Taste, Perception of Taste Mixtures, Ontogeny of Human Taste Perception
  • clinical Applications and Perspectives - nutritional implications of Taste and Smell Disorders, Conditioned Flavour Aversions, Head Injury and Taste, Iatrogenic Causes of Taste Disturbances: Radiation Therapy, Surgery, Medication
  • Other Chemosensory Systems. (Part Contents).

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