Understanding mentoring : reflective strategies for school-based teacher preparation


Understanding mentoring : reflective strategies for school-based teacher preparation

Peter Tomlinson

Open University Press, 1995

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The current move to school-based mentoring offers the possibility of considerable improvement over traditional arrangements for initial teacher preparation. But this opportunity will only be realized if old assumptions about theory and practice are modified and new practices based on a better understanding of ways in which effective teaching may be acquired. Starting from the assumption that practising teachers already possess many resources relevant to mentoring, Understanding Mentoring offers practical strategies and programmes for mentoring in the context of recent work on intelligent skill development, professional thinking and learning, counselling and helping strategies, and the nature and assessment of teaching competence. It should therefore be a useful resource for teachers taking on a mentoring role, and for those engaged in training and academic courses on school-based teacher education.


  • School-based teacher education - opportunity and challenge
  • learning teaching - a framework for understanding mentoring
  • the reflective coach - functions and forms of mentoring
  • the effective facilitator - counselling and interpersonal aspects of mentoring
  • classroom strategies and their learning potential
  • classroom strategies and their pupil-management potential
  • teaching competance-profiles in student assessment and development
  • mentoring in practice - coaching tactics
  • mentoring in practice - student programmes and organizational issues. Appendix: notes on audio, video recording and radio microphones in mentoring.

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