Thermal analysis in the geosciences



Thermal analysis in the geosciences

[edited by] Werner Smykatz-Kloss, Slade St. J. Warne

(Lecture notes in earth sciences, 38)

Springer-Verlag, 1991

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The application of thermal analysis is outlined by 18 contributions, writtenby experts in the various fields of geosciences. Emphasis was laid on the determination of minerals and technical products, kinetic parameters and calorific values in glass and ceramics technology, characterization of raw materials (e.g. clays, industrial minerals), in quality control and performance assessment, but also in environment protection from soil and water pollution, using re-evaluated existing and new data and improved combined modern methods. This book is addressed to practitioners, scientistsand students in mineralogy/crystallography, applied geology, material sciences, and environmental sciences.


Geosciences in thermal analysis development.- Differential scanning calorimetry and its applications to mineralogy and the geosciences.- Variable atmosphere thermal analysis - methods, gas atmospheres and applications to geoscience materials.- Measurement of different water species in minerals by means of thermal derivatography.- The determination of hydrated sulphates in the weathered crystalline rocks by means of thermal analysis.- Internal thermal reactions of minerals.- Kinetical study of mineral reactions by means of controlled transformation rate thermal analysis (CRTA).- Thermoanalytical investigations of binary oxide systems.- Kinetic analysis of the crystallization of silicate melts by means of DSC, DTA and thermal optical methods.- Application of thermal analysis in mineral technology.- Thermal investigations in technical mineralogy.- Application of thermal methods in raw material control and during the production process.- A study of the thermal behaviour and geotechnical properties of a marine clay and its composites.- Thermal analysis of selected illite and smectite clay minerals. Part I. Illite clay specimens.- Thermal analysis of selected illite and smectite clay minerals. Part II. Smectite clay minerals.- Remarks on the applicability of thermal analysis for the investigations of clays and related materials.- Differential thermal analysis (DTA) of organo-clay complexes.- Thermal analysis in environmental studies.

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