The social and interactional dimensions of human-computer interfaces


The social and interactional dimensions of human-computer interfaces

edited by Peter J. Thomas

(Cambridge series on human-computer interaction, 9)

Cambridge University Press, 1995

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The importance of sociological and anthropological contibutions to the design of human-computer interfaces has recently become recognised. Human-computer interfaces range from interfaces for single users to computer supported co-operative work. The Social and Interactional Dimensions of Human-Computer Interfaces considers issues concerning interpersonal dynamics, cultural readings of technology, the organisational contexts of technology, and the 'situated' nature of use and the processes of design. It is an unusual volume in that it covers theory, methodology and applications in depth. Researchers, designers, and graduate students concerned with the social implications of computers will find this book compelling reading.


  • 1. Introduction: the social and interactional dimensions of human-computer interfaces Peter Thomas
  • 2. Ethnography and human-computer interaction Geoff Cooper, Christine Hine, Janet Rachel and Steve Woolgar
  • 3. Towards foundational analysis in human-computer interaction James M. Nyce and Jonas Loewgren
  • 4. Representing the user: notes on the disciplinary rhetoric of human-computer interaction Geoff Cooper and John Bowers
  • 5. Conceptions of the user in computer systems design Philip E. Agre
  • 6. On simulacrums of conversation: towards a clarification of the relevance of conversational analysis for human-computer interaction Graham Button and Wes Sharrock
  • 7. Wizards of social control Robin Wooffitt and Catriona MacDermid
  • 8. Sociology, CSCW and working with customers Dave Randall and John Hughes
  • 9. Expert systems versus systems for experts: computer-aided dispatch as a support system in real world environments Jack Whalen
  • 10. Conversational analysis and human-computer interaction design Sarah Douglas
  • 11. Designing multimedia tools for social and interactional data collection and analysis Beverly L. Harrison
  • 12. Social interaction in the use and design of a workstation: two contexts of interaction Deborah Lawrence, Michael E. Atwood, Shelly Dews and Thea Turner.

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