Sudden Shakespeare : the shaping of Shakespeare's creative thought


Sudden Shakespeare : the shaping of Shakespeare's creative thought

Philip Davis

Athlone, 1996

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Bibliography: p. 255-256

Includes index



'His mind and hand went together' said Hemings and Condell of the speed of Shakespeare. But the conceptual language of literary criticism, be it moralistic or political, has long been too slow to the properly responsive to Shakespeare's meaning. With the help of both Renaissance philosophers and present-day actors, Sudden Shakepeare seeks to locate the underlying secrets of Shakespeare's dynamic power. It offers a technical language wihch, close to Shakespeare's own, is capable of responding suddenly to the speed, transforming shape, and power of Shakespeare's way of thinking as it comes into meaning.


  • Introduction: 'I could be bounded in a nutshell - Dramatic Space and Personal Place
  • On Rhyme
  • On Person as Place within Space
  • On Space for a Word. 'Compounded of Many Samples'
  • Technical Matters () The Use of Overlap
  • Convenient and Inconvenient
  • (ii) From Inconveniency to Individual Separation
  • (iii) The overlap and the Individual Identikit
  • Shapes and Techniques becoming Meanings and Beliefs - Montaigne and Shakespeare. 'And What's Her History? - Of Sequence and Succession
  • Personal Histories
  • 'There, sir, stop'
  • The Living Thing - Time, Place and Thought in Performance - 'What's Hecuba to him?
  • The word and the action
  • The School of Living Endnotes.

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