Tissue oxygen deprivation : from molecular to integrated function


Tissue oxygen deprivation : from molecular to integrated function

edited by Gabriel G. Haddad, George Lister

(Lung biology in health and disease, 95)

M. Dekker, c1996

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Includes bibliographical references and indexes



Detailing the importance of hypoxia in the expression, genesis, and propagation of human illness-this state-of-the-art reference summarizes current knowledge of responses to hypoxia in a variety of organ systems and in a number of vital processes common to all systems-addressing the effect of oxygen deprivation on fundamental processes such as cellular energetics, ion transport, and receptor function.


Hypoxia: Historical Perspective and Unresolved Issues, Abraham M. Rudolph Cellular and Molecular Alterations During O2 Limitation Cellular Energetics and Biochemistry of Hypoxia, Dean P. Jones ATP Supply and Demand: Models and Insights, Peter W. Hochachka Membrane Proteins and Transport During Oxygen Deprivation, Gabriel G. Haddad Gene Regulation During Hypoxia, Bruce R. Pitt, Margaret A. Schwarz, and Paul Davies Erythropoietin Response to Hypoxia, Christian M. Bauer The Spectrin-Actin Cytoskeleton and Membrane Integrity in Hypoxia, Susan B. Glantz and Jon S. Morrow Membrane Receptors and Second Messengers in Hypoxia, Daniel Bernstein Hypoxia-Induced Changes in the Contraction, Growth, and Matrix Synthetic Properties of Vascular Cells, Edward C. Dempsey, Troy Stevens, Anthony G. Durmowicz, and Kurt R. Stenmark Free Radicals in Hypoxia and Reoxygenation, Clifford S. Collins and Catherine Rice-Evans The Respiratory System and Tissue O2 Deprivation Pulmonary Vascular Development: Repsponse to Hypoxia, Marlene Rabinovitch Mechanical Function of the Lungs and Airways During Hypoxia, J. Julio Perez Fontan Distal Lung Epithelial Ion Transport: Modulation by Ambient PO2 and Tissue Hypoxia, Hugh O'Brodovich Perinatal Pulmonary Vasoregulation: Implications for the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Neonatal Pulmonary Hypertension, Steven A. Abman and Troy Stevens Ventilatory Responses to Hypoxia in Mammals, Jacopo P. Mortala The Cardiovascular System and Tissue O2 Deprivation The Basis for Normal Cardiac Electrical Activity and the Effects Thereon of Hypoxia and Acidosis, Philippe Chevaller, J. Christopher Geller, and Michael R. Rosen Molecular Understanding of Excitation-Contraction Coupling and Vascular Flow Control in Heart Muscle, W. Jonathan Lederer, Heiping Cheng, L. F. Santana, Anna Maria Gomez-Garcia Myocardial Ischemia and Regulation of Sodium and Potassium Ions, Andre G. Kleber Fetal Placental Vascular Development, Daniel I. Eidelstone The Central Nervous System and Tissue O2 Deprivation Oxygen Deprivation in Tolerant and Nontolerant Organisms: Phylogeny and Ontogeny, Garbriel G. Haddad Role of Potassium Ion Channels in Neuronal Survival Strategy During Oxygen Deprivation, Chung Jiang Anoxic-Ischemic Glial Cell Injury: Mechanisms and Consequences, Bruce R. Ransom and Robert Fern Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism in Hypoxia, Edward J. Novotny, Jr. Nitric Oxide and Neurotransmission, Ted M. Dawson and Valina L. Dawson Peripheral and Central Oxygen Sensors, David F. Donnelly Excitotoxicity of Glutamate: Relation to Oxygen Deprivation, Michael V. Johnston Response to Medullary Respiratory Network to Hypoxia: A Comparative Analysis of Neonatal and Adult Mammals, Diethelm W. Richter and Klaus Ballanyi Skeletal and Smooth Muscles and Tissue O2 Deprivation Metabolic and Structural Alterations in Skeletal Muscle with Hypoxia, Gary C. Sieck and Bruce D. Johnson Neuromuscular Transmission Development and Response to Hypoxia, Alia R. Bazzy-Asaad Uterine Hypoxia, Susan Wray Metabolic and Renal Systems and Tissue O2 Deprivation Metabolic Demands During Hypoxia, George Lister The Renal System in Hypoxia, Karen M. Gaudio and Michael Kashgarian Hormonal Responses to Hypoxia, James F. Padbury, M. Gore Ervin, and Dan Cooper

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