British political history, 1867-1995 : democracy and decline


British political history, 1867-1995 : democracy and decline

Malcolm Pearce and Geoffrey Stewart

Routledge, 1996

2nd ed

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references and index



British Political History 1867-1995 tackles broad themes and offers a fresh view of British history, setting politics within wider cultural, economic and social contexts. The second edition brings the coverage right up to the present and includes: * a whole new section for 1987-1995 * the Irish sub-section brought up to the Downing Street Declaration * Major's strategies and policies * Russia after Gorbachev * Maastricht and the European Union * updated bibliographies * more illustrations.


1. Introduction: Britain in 1867 2. The Galdstonian Liberal Party 1868-95 3. The Conservative Party 1868-1905: the regaining of power 4. Ireland 1868-1922: province or nation? 5. Britain and the world 1867-1905: the onset of decline 6. The Liberal Party after Gladstone: recovery, triumph and death 1895-1935 7. The rise of Labour 1867-1940 8. British Foreign Policy 1905-45: the German Question 9. Britain between the wars 10. The Conservative Party of the Chamberlains 1906-40 11. Socialist Britain 1940-51: the home front 12. Consensus Britain 1951-79 13. Thatcher's Britain - one hundred and twenty years on: 1979-95 14. Britain and the world 1945-95: the 'new Elizabethan Age'

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